The Grinnell College Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) is charged with the development, implementation, and continuing review and evaluation of mechanisms necessary to ensure humane care and treatment of research animals at Grinnell College. Research animals are defined as vertebrate animals used for research or teaching. The IACUC is authorized to take those steps necessary to ensure that all animal-related research and teaching activities conducted at the college or elsewhere and under the direction of college faculty, are guided by high scientific and ethical standards and meet or exceed all applicable federal, state and local animalwelfare regulations, relevant voluntary guidelines, and Grinnell College Institutional Policy. The IACUC can provide consultation to faculty, students, and staff about planned use of non-research animal activities at the college, but is not responsible for the oversight of these animals and their care and use.

Summer MAP Students

Students who are working with animals as part of their summer MAP should make an appointment with a nurse at the Student Health and Counseling Center to complete OHSP requirements prior to the last day of classes.  Students must take the OHSP form to the appointment.  The Student Health and Counseling Center closes for the summer.  Students needing to complete the OHSP paperwork after the SHACS is closed for the summer will need to go to a physician in town at their expense to complete this paperwork.

IACUC Membership

Clark Lindgren, Chair
Ann Brau
Dr. Ronald Morgan 
Wendy Ramsey 
Cecilia Knight 
Mark Levandoski
Josh Sandquist

IACUC Meeting Dates 2015-2016

Wednesday, August 26
Friday, September 11
Friday, October 9
Friday, November 13
Friday, December 11
Friday, January 15
Friday, February 12
Friday, March 11
Friday, April 8
Friday, May 13
Friday, June 10