Grinnell College Institutional Biosafety Committee Policies

IBC Registration Guide and FAQs

CITI Program

Directions for enrolling in CITI Program


IBC forms are downloaded as a Word file.

  1. IBC Form 1 - Exempt
  2. IBC Form 2 - Non-Exempt
  3. IBC Form 3 - Infectious Agents
  4. IBC Form 4 - Renewal Modification
  5. IBC Form 5 - Adverse Biosafety Event
  6. IBC Personnel Training Record Infectious Agents
  7. IBC Personnel Training Record rDNA

Ethics Resources for Faculty

  • Faculty Handbook Appendix IX IBC
  • Online Addendum to Faculty Handbook Appendix IX concerning the IBC (Depending upon your browser, you may need to scroll to the IBC section)
  • Conflict of Interest Policy from the Faculty Handbook
  • Principles of Academic Freedom and Faculty Responsibilities: Conflict of Interst 
  • College Conflict of Interest Policy 


To request minutes from IBC meetings, email Jennifer Krohn.