Jen Jacobsen ‘95, Wellness Director

Ope Awe ‘15, Student Government Association Vice President for Student Affairs



Steve Briscoe, Director of Campus Safety and Security

Andrea Conner, Associate Dean for Residence Life/NSO

Rosalie Curtin ’15, Lyle’s Pub Manager

Ben Doehr ’15, Lyle’s Pub manager

Becca Don, Residence Life Coordinator

W. Houston Dougharty, Vice President for Student Affairs

John Fennel, Associate Professor of Philosophy

Travis Greene, Dean of Students

Max Herzberg ’14, Student staff representative

Thomas Neil ’14, Student Government Association President

Christopher Ralston, Assistant Professor of Psychology

Kunal Sachdev, Staff Psychologist

Kady Shea, Residence Life Coordinator

Andi Tracy ’99, Assistant Professor of Psychology

Kristin Weber ’16, Student-Athlete Advisory Committee


The Harm Reduction Committee is an open committee and any member of the college community may attend.