What makes Grinnell a global place? It’s first and foremost the students. Grinnell students don’t just come from every state in the U.S., they also come from over fifty different countries. A full 12% of Grinnell students were born or raised abroad—that’s a greater percentage than at many other liberal arts colleges. As a result, the daily interactions of campus life are filled with international perspectives. Your roommate may be from Guatemala, or your lab partner may come from Sweden. Your economics class might have students from India, China, and Iran. Wherever you are from, Grinnell wants you to bring your unique voice to this international conversation.

Of course, Grinnell students don’t just learn about the world by what happens on campus. Most of them also spend a semester off-campus on one of over seventy study abroad programs. Students are also traveling abroad for internships or to complete research for a Mentored Advanced Project.

Students are also engaged in the world through the many student organizations that they participate in, such as the Asian American Coalition, the Student Organization of Latin@s, or Free the Planet. They offer a variety of activities that impact student life – from ISO Food Bazaar and Culture Show to the Student Organization of Latin@s’ recent mural project in downtown Grinnell. Many of these groups have office space in the Multicultural Suites in the J.R.C. and all student groups can find support though offices like  International Student AffairsStudent ActivitiesCRSSJ or Intercultural Engagement and Leadership. The Student Government Association provides funds for students to publish magazines, travel to conferences, or create other organizations that help them pursue their own passions.


  • In addition to the financial aid awarded U.S. students, Grinnell annually awards roughly one million dollars in financial aid to each incoming class of international students. The average aid award for international students in the class of 2013 was $33,342.
  • Read the latest issue of Mosaic, the publication created by international students at Grinnell.
  • Over 70 flags hang in the Grinnell Flag Gallery, located in Spencer Grill. The flags represent the different nationalities of the current Grinnell student body.
  • Nearly 100 local families participate in the OISA’s Host Family Program, matching international students will a local source of friendship and support.
  • Martin Dluhos ’12, from the Czech Republic, says that “The variety of ways to organize one's student life and the possibilities to explore one's interests are the major assets of Grinnell College.”