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The Grinnell Hymn

Music by Mabel Woodworth 1912 and Words by Robert Kerr 1912


Oh College, fairest of our dreams,
As now on us, subdued, there beams
The golden-tinted past,
We wander on through campus ways
Where poet men in by-gone days
Dreamed golden dreams, 'neath wintry grays,
And built them sure and fast.

Calm Spirit of the past, descend
Through all the years, and softly blend
With this, our life, and dwell
Among us in refining power
Like wafted fragrance of a flower,
A holy trust, a mighty tower,
Old Spirit of Grinnell.

Great Master of heroic men
Who fought for us with sword and pen
To rear our college walls,
We pledge our faith to them and Thee;
Oh, grant us vision; let us see
The glory of our ministry
E'en here in college halls.


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