The Biology, Chemistry and Biological Chemistry majors are designed so that a student does not need to choose among them until registration for the fourth semester. Students deciding among Biology, Chemistry and Biological Chemistry majors should take BIO 150 and CHM 129 (General Chemistry) during the first year - one course in the fall and one course in the spring.

Students considering a Biological Chemistry major should take BIO 150 (Introduction to Biological Inquiry) and CHM 129 (General Chemistry) during the first year, in either order. (Note: Students with Chemistry AP/IB credit should take CHM 210 (Inorganic Chemistry) as a prerequisite to CHM 221 instead of CHM 129.) Students should also take Math 131 (or 123) and Math 133 (or 124) in their first year. In their third semester, students should take  BIO 251 (Molecules, Cells and Organisms) and CHM 221 (Organic I). In their fourth semester, students planning a major in Biological Chemistry should take BCM 262 (Biological Chemistry) and CHM 222 (Organic II). In the third and fourth years, students complete PHY 131, PHY 132, CHM 363, and one Advanced Elective from the approved list.

BCM 262 Biological Chemistry integrates information from both biology and chemistry to explore the major biological molecules. The course emphasizes the structure and function of proteins, nucleic acids, lipids, and carbohydrates, as well as the experimental approaches used to study these molecules.

Listed below is a sample schedule for students planning a major in Biological Chemistry with a semester of off-campus study.

First Year Fall First Year Spring
CHM 129 (or CHM 210*) BIO 150
or BIO 150 or CHM 129 (or CHM210*)
MAT 131 (123) MAT 133 (124)
Second Year Fall Second Year Spring
BIO 251, CHM 221, (MAT 133) CHM 222, BCM 262
Third Year Fall Third Year Spring
Off-campus Study PHY 131
Fourth Year Fall Fourth Year Spring
PHY 132; CHM 363++
BIO 3XX or CHM 3XX  

*Students with Chemistry AP/IB credit must take CHM 210 as a prerequisite to CHM 221. CHM 210 is strongly encouraged but not required for the major.

++ CHM 363 is offered both semesters, and concurrent registration with PHY 132 is permitted on a space available basis. If CHM 363 is overenrolled in a particular semester, priority is given to students who have completed PHY 132. Students who want to take this course in a particular semester should complete the physics sequence as early as possible.