A maximum of 4 credits in Physical Education 100 or 101 can count towards graduation.

There is no major in physical education (P.E.) at Grinnell, but the department offers many ways for students to be involved: in activity classes, content (theory) courses, and on varsity athletic teams.

Students are awarded credit toward graduation for physical education activity classes on the basis of one-half to one-credit per course. Since most classes meet two class hours per week, the student would earn 1 credit for attending the entire semester or .5 credits for a half semester. Activity classes are open to all students. They help round out student schedules and emphasize using sport and fitness to balance student life. Offerings are available in activities such as: bowling, golf, racquetball, rock climbing, tennis, aerobics, swimming, CPR, life guard training, triathlon training, yoga, conditioning, kayaking, power walking, and many others.

Several 200-level theory classes are offered in a traditional classroom setting. Students interested in coaching or athletics, generally or as a possible career, may want to consider taking Sport Theory, Coaching Methods, Organization & Administration of Athletics, Psychology of Sport, Role of Sport in Society, Foundations of Athletic Training or one of the other departmental offerings. Students can also receive certification through the American Sport Education Program (ASEP).

Credit may also be earned for participation on athletic teams. One-half credit is awarded for participation for a season on one of the 18 men's or women's varsity sports. (See http://pioneers.grinnell.edu for more information.)

Students who wish to participate in a physical education activity class (PHE 100) and want to receive credit for such activity must register for these activities as they register for any course. Since Physical Education activity classes (PHE 100) are scheduled by quarters, the dates are published in the annual Schedule of Courses and registration for them is the same as is currently done with any other short course.

Students who wish to register for more than 18 credits (including physical education activities) will need permission from the Committee on Academic Standing.