Reflections on Accessibility 2012

"Reflections on Accessibility" is a video showing a snapshot of the College's progress in making the the campus accessible. Produced by the Accessibility Committee, it features three students (Patrick Comparin '12, Claire Forest  '13,and Jen Brooks '15) and staff. It provides background information that cumulates with the inclusion of strategy 3.B.5 in the Strategic Plan of 2005, "Strengthen programs to recruit, retain, and provide access and essential services for students with disabilities," and shows our progress in fulfilling this strategy.  For comparison purposes, clips from the 2007 video, Accessible Grinnell 2007 made two of our students, Leah Krandel '09 and Amanda Gotera '09.  Both completed work and work yet to do on our campus is featured.  The Accessibility Committee hopes that this video serves as a catalyst for further discussion and action in making our campus more friendly accessibly.


Accessible Grinnell 2007

This video was created by Leah Krandel '09 and Amanda Gotera '09 to show the state of accessibility on the Grinnell College Campus in 2007.  The students wearing bike helmets moved about campus in a manual wheelchair.