Early Decision I or II

If Grinnell is clearly your first choice, you may want to apply Early Decision. This option is available only to first-year students. We will consider your application and inform you of our decision before the regular deadline. Applying Early Decision means you commit to enrolling at Grinnell if we offer you admission.

Grinnell has two Early Decision options: Early Decision I and II. The deadline for Early Decision I is November 15, and decisions are mailed by mid-December. The deadline for Early Decision II is January 1, and decisions are mailed by early February.

If you are accepted under either of our Early Decision options, you must withdraw applications submitted to other colleges. You may not apply to more than one institution as an Early Decision candidate.

International applicants who are interested in either Early Decision option must contact our office prior to submitting their application.

All Early Decision applicants must read and sign the Early Decision Agreement found in the Common Application.

More information about this option is available here: Early Decision: Is It Right for You?

Regular Decision

Regular Decision is available for all students completing secondary schooling. The application deadline is January 15.

Deferred Admission

Once admitted, you may decide you wish to take a year off before entering college.

To defer admission, we require that you submit a short statement to the Office of Admission confirming this decision and explaining your plans for the next year.

If approved, we grant deferment for one year. You must pay your Advance Deposit, and may not enroll in another institution of higher education during that year.