This may be the first time you will be searching for your own housing and living on your own away from family and Grinnell. Whether you are getting paid by your internship organization, receiving a College stipend, or you are using your savings, you may be wondering how you will be able to effectively manage your finances to ensure that you can cover your expenses throughout your entire internship. Below are online resources to help you secure summer housing as well as some basic budgeting tips provided by the Social Entrepreneurs of Grinnell (SEG).

Housing resources by city and state

These housing resources are not endorsed by Grinnell College or the CLS. Please use discretion and research any housing resource thoroughly and carefully.

California - Los Angeles:
University of California-Irvine

California - San Francisco:
BayArea Rental Guide
U. of San Francisco

District of Columbia - Washington DC:
Comparing D.C. Intern Housing Options
American University Summer House for Interns
Catholic University of America Intern Housing
George Mason University Intern Housing
George Washington University - Summer Housing Opportunities
Making the Difference - DC housing guide
Georgetown University Summer Housing
International Student House of Washington DC
Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars
Washington Intern Student Housing (WISH)

Georgia - Atlanta: 
Emory Housing List

Illinois - Chicago:
University Village
The Buckingham - Affordable housing for interns living in Chicago for the summer.
University Center - Find housing in downtown Chicago. Short, flexible leases available.
University of Illinois - Chicago

Iowa - Des Moines:
Grandview University

Massachusetts - Boston:
Boston Apartments
Suffolk University - Find housing near Beacon Hill.
Boston Neighborhood Guide for Summer Interns

New York - New York:
New York Institute of Technology
Columbia University
Educational Housing Services University Place   
Summer Sublets-NY
Webster Apartments
Polytechnic University International House
NYC Intern
NYU Summer Housing Information

Pennsylvania - Philadelphia:
Villanova University Intern Accommodations
University of Pennsylvania - Hospitality Services


College Sublease
Furnished Quarters - Find furnished apartments in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.
Housing 4 Students
Metro Rommates

Budgeting 101 Information

The key to successful budgeting is having an efficient plan and sticking to it. Read about how to build a budget plan, how to get rid of unnecessary periodic expenses, how to utilize the “Step Down” method, and how to be thrifty with food and housing in this SEG Budgeting Resource.