Summer Funding


Currently enrolled full-time first-, second-, or third-year students in good academic standing may apply for College funding to offset the costs of an 8- to 10-week, full-time summer internship, provided you have your internship secured at the time of application. These funding opportunities are competitive and look for clarity in presentation, support from the sponsoring organization/agency/business, academic preparation, and a link to the applicant’s interest. They also call for well-defined responsibilities, originality, uniqueness of the internship opportunity, and how it fits within the specific funding criteria. Review the criteria of each individual funding opportunity to see if your internship would qualify.

Grant Funding Options

Arts and Museum Administration Grant - Lesley Wright, Chair
Supports internships with established arts organizations, including theatre companies, museums, community art centers, and performance spaces offering internships in arts administration, publicity, event coordination, directing, arts education, collection care, and/or curatorial projects. Students are required to meet with the Chair before applying.

Careers in Education Professions Grant - Ashley Schaefer, Chair
Supports internships that offer education-related experiences, including internships in K-12 schools, non-profit organizations focused on education and children, institutions of higher education, and educational policy and research centers. Students must be members of the Grinnell Careers in Education Professions program and must meet with the Chair prior to applying.

Environmental Studies Grant - David Campbell, Chair
Supports internships that offer students educational experiences in environmental studies, natural resource conservation, environmental policy, energy, food systems, environmental education, and other areas. Interns are expected to prepare a PowerPoint presentation on their experience for the Board of Directors of the external foundation that funds these internships. Consult the Environmental Studies website for a list of past internship locations. Students are required to meet with the Chair before applying.

Noun Grant - Lakesia Johnson, Chair
Supports internships that focus on women and/or LGBTQ communities and offer students first-hand experience working for feminist, queer, and anti-racist organizations. Students are encouraged to meet with the Chair to assess the fit of their internship to the Program prior to applying. Consult the Gender, Women’s, and Sexuality Studies website for a list of past internship locations.

Noyce/Intel Grant - Michael Guenther, Chair
Supports internships in applied technology (e.g., agriculture, transportation, computing, biotech) within a non-profit or governmental agency in the United States. Internships may focus on technology design, use, policy, or other issues. Students are encouraged to meet with the Chair to assess the fit of their internship to the Program prior to applying.

Open Grant - Christie Mohlke, CLS Assistant Director of Career Development and Internships
Supports internship opportunities that do not meet the criteria of any other Grant Program or Endowed internship funding.

Open Research Grant - Christie Mohlke, CLS Assistant Director of Career Development and Internships
Supports supervised off-campus, lab or field, career-related research experiences. Only research experiences that cannot be done with a Grinnell College faculty member will be considered.

Peace and Conflict Studies Grant - Simone Sidwell, Coordinator
Supports internships that deepen the student's understanding of the causes of violence and violations of human dignity and gives students direct experiences by applying creative strategies for conflict prevention, resolution, or reconciliation in international or interpersonal disputes. Students are required to meet with the Program Coordinator before submitting their application. Participation in a campus poster session or presentation is required following completion of the internship.

Prairie Studies Grant - Jon Andelson, Chair
Supports internships that engage students in learning about either the natural or cultural aspects, past or present, of the prairie region of North America (especially the Upper Midwest) in arts and humanities, science, or social studies. Consult the Center for Prairie Studies website for a list of past internship locations.

Rosenfield Grant - Ed Cohn, Chair

Abby Goreham '15, Rosenfield Grant ProgramSupports internships in the areas of public affairs, international relations, and/or human rights. The Committee interprets this mandate broadly, but it will be up to the student to articulate the connection of their internship to one or more of these program areas. Students are required to meet with the Chair before applying. The Committee conducts an interview and selection process for their internship grants. Students are required to deliver two public, on-campus presentations following their internship’s completion. Consult the Rosenfield website for a list of past internship locations.

Sunnen Foundation Grant - Jack Mutti, Chair
Supports internships working nationally or internationally in the area of social services, particularly those that serve to empower women and men in family planning. Students are encouraged to meet with the Chair to assess the fit of their internship to the Program prior to applying.

Tony Smith '01 Creativity Grant - Christie Mohlke, CLS Assistant Director of Career Development and Internships
Supports an internship that advances a student's academic studies and/or their ability to view any academic discipline from a creative framework.

Vocational Exploration and Religious Inquiry Grant - Deanna Shorb, Chair
Supports internships that engage the participant in projects and activities that will lead to greater discernment of the role that their religious and spiritual commitments will play influencing their vocational goals. Students are encouraged to meet with the Chair to assess the fit of their internship to the Program prior to applying.

Wilson Grant – Janet Davis, Chair and Wilson Program Director
Supports internships primarily in the for-profit sector, but also in government and non-profits. Ideally, internships should build skills in innovation and leadership. Students are required to meet with or e-mail the Wilson Program Director before applying. Consult the Wilson website for a list of past internship locations.

Writing Grant - Janet Carl, Chair
Supports internships in organizations focusing on writing as a profession. Applicants should describe one or more specific pieces of writing they will produce during their proposed internship.


Endowed Funding Options

Evangelical Christian Internship Endowment
This fund provides an opportunity for two (2) Grinnell College students to intern with Christian organizations. Applicants must possess good character and be in good academic standing.

Daniel '77 and Patricia '80 Finkelman Internship Endowment
This fund aims to increase understanding of the connection between business and the liberal arts by encouraging students to gain work experience in areas designed to promote basic business knowledge and managerial leadership skills. The main intent of this fund is to allow students to gain exposure to the private, for-profit business sector as summer interns. Only current second- or third-year students are eligible to apply.

Andrew W. Loewi '71 Washington, DC Internship Endowment
Individual donors to the Loewi fund have joined to provide a Grinnell student with an opportunity to explore and experience governmental service through a Capitol Hill internship in Washington, DC, a place Mr. Loewi cared deeply about and where he solidified his value of public service and civic engagement.

James C. Randall '94 Memorial Internship Endowment
This fund provides financial support for a summer internship by a Grinnell student of any major who wishes to undertake an internship in Spain or a Latin American country (preference will be given to applicants without prior in-country experience). Only current second- or third-year students are eligible to apply. Recipient must also have demonstrated financial need.

Ramsey-Weeks Internship Endowment
This fund supports a student of any major to pursue an internship at a for-profit organization.

Rioff Affordable Housing Internship Endowment
This fund provides a student with an internship opportunity to explore and experience practical efforts to create, maintain, and/or promote affordable housing for populations in need, whether internationally or domestically. This internship experience must deepen the student's understanding of the causes of homelessness and substandard housing, and provide direct experience applying creative strategies to help solve these problems within the limits of the local situation to which the internship has brought them. Preference will be given to proposals that reflect student initiative and creativity.

Brewster H. Woodburn '29 Physics Internship Endowment
This fund supports a physics major pursuing an internship in the field of physics.

Application Instructions

This is the application process for students who are interested in applying for grant or endowed internship funding for Summer 2014:

1. Review the Internship Application Matrix to determine your eligibility, view the materials you must complete for your application, and  understand the requirements of each aspect of the Internship Program.

2. Go to the Grinnell College Jobs Site to view the posting details for the internship funding application and what materials are needed to successfully submit your application. The online application will be available in early March.

3. Refer to the Online Application Tutorial for step-by-step instructions on how to complete your application. Please note that the online application will no longer be accessible following the 11:59 p.m. deadline, so plan ahead.

If you have difficulties with the online application, please contact the CLS at career[at]grinnell[dot]edu or 641-269-4940.

Application Materials

Résumé: You are highly encouraged to have your résumé reviewed at the CLS. Save your résumé as a one-page PDF to upload into your online application.

Unofficial Transcript: You must obtain your academic transcripts from PioneerWeb. Log into P-web, go to the “Courses Area and Academic Info” tab, under the Advising & Registration Support section in the Advising Tools area, click on “Self-Service Portal” link on the right-hand side of the page, click on the students box, enter in your Grinnell login information again, click on “Academic History and click the “submit" button then save it as a PDF document to upload into your online application. If you are having difficulties with P-web, you may get a copy of your unofficial transcript from the Registrar's Office to scan and upload into your online application.

2013-2014 Confirmation of Intern Acceptance: This document must be signed by your Internship Supervisor and submitted with your online application. You cannot submit your online application without this document. E-mail correspondence will not substitute as confirmation of acceptance from the internship site.

Proposed Budget Planning Guidelines: This document outlines helpful information that you need to create your Proposed Budget for Internship Funding.

Proposed Budget Form For Internship Funding, Summer 2014: This document needs to be completed for students applying for grant or endowed funding. Follow the Budget Planning Guidelines instructions (see above) for how to complete this document correctly. You need to save this document as a one-page PDF for upload into your online application.

The Deadline to apply for Summer 2014 Internship Funding is Wednesday, April 9, 2014 at 11:59 p.m.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have a certain GPA to apply for internship funding?

Internship programs require a minimum 2.5 GPA. Students are required to be currently enrolled as a full-time student, pre-registered for classes, in good academic standing, and enrolled in classes for the semester following their internship experience.

If I receive summer funding, what can that stipend pay for?

Grant Programs, Endowed, and Grinnellink funding may be used for expenses directly related to a summer internship. For example: travel to and from the internship site, housing, daily transportation, and meals. Funding is NOT to be used for wages, future expenses, personal items, product purchases, program fees, etc. On-campus experiences are NOT eligible for Grant or Endowed funding.

When will I receive my summer funding stipend if selected?

Stipends are automatically deposited into your banking account following successful completion of the acceptance paperwork and attendance of the internship orientation, typically the second or third week of May. Students often secure plane tickets in advance with a credit card to get a reasonably price and then reimburse themselves when the funding stipend is deposited.

What if my internship is in a country with a travel warning?

Grinnell College will NOT release internship funding for internships in areas identified by the U.S. State Department as “unsafe for travel.” Please check the U.S. State Department's website for an updated list of countries with travel warnings.

If I am an international student and I receive Grinnell College internship funding, do I have to pay taxes on my stipend?

Yes, if your internship is in the U.S. This stipend is considered a non-qualified scholarship, which is taxable (a scholarship is qualified, and thus non-taxable, if it is used for tuition/fees). Grinnell College will withhold United States federal income tax from your stipend at a rate of 14%.

Non-Grinnell Funding Opportunities

(unaffiliated with Grinnell College)

J.W. Saxe Memorial Fund
Provides summer awards for students doing public service internships.

American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) Summer Undergraduate Fellowship Program
Provides a stipend for science and engineering majors to research at a medical physics laboratory or work at a clinical facility.

Charles G. Koch Summer Fellow Program
Places students in internships at public policy and non-profit organizations; provides a stipend and covers housing/travel costs.

Getty Foundation Grants for Multicultural Undergraduate Internships in the Arts
Sponsors paid internships for multicultural residents of Los Angeles County at museums and arts organizations throughout LA County.

Hartwig Memorial Internship Award 
The award is specifically for liberal arts students who will intern in or around the nation's capital this summer. While the student does not necessarily need to work on Capitol Hill or on a political campaign to qualify, the internship must be in the broad field of government, public policy, or politics. Grinnell has been selected to participate in this year's essay competition for a summer 2014 internship. The winner will receive a $1,500 cash award to use during the tenure of an internship in Washington, DC. The deadline for submitting an application is March 24, 2014. Contact CLS Assistant Director of Career Development and Internships Christie Mohlke [MOHLKE] to receive the detailed application form and submission instructions if you are planning on interning in DC. 

This is a resource to identify various financial support to pursue unpaid internships in the US and internationally.