Grinnellink internships are specific opportunities with College alumni and friends and are open exclusively to Grinnell students. These opportunities are competitive and provide funding or wages to student participants. Internship sites change from year to year and may include opportunities in museum studies, art and design, environmental issues, healthcare, social services, biotechnology, financial equity analysis research, and legal services on constitutional issues, to name a few.

Students may only apply for one Grinnellink internship each summer.

2014 Grinnellink Internships

Details of the confirmed Summer 2014 Grinnellink internships can be viewed in PioneerLink and at the CLS at 1127 Park Street.  

Application Instructions

This is the application process for students who are interested in participating in a Grinnellink internship for Summer 2014:

Approved Grinnellink internship descriptions can be found on PioneerLink. Each posting includes a site description, position description, qualifications, and supervisor contact information. Review this information carefully. You may only apply for one Grinnellink internship opportunity, so use the description to determine which fits best with your current academic/career interests.  

  1. Review the Internship Application Matrix to determine your eligibility, view the materials you must complete for your application, and  understand the requirements of each aspect of the Internship Program.
  2. Once you have decided which Grinnellink internship you will pursue, go to the Grinnell College Jobs Site to view the posting details for the application and what materials are needed to successfully submit your application.
  3. Refer to the Online Application Tutorial for step-by-step instructions on how to complete your application. Please note that the online application will no longer be accessible following the 11:59 p.m. deadline, so plan ahead.

If you have difficulties with the online application, please contact the CLS at career[at]grinnell[dot]edu or 641-269-4940.

Application Materials

Résumé: You are highly encouraged to have your résumé reviewed at the CLS. Save your résumé as a one-page PDF to upload into your online application.

Proposed Budget Planning Guidelines: This document outlines helpful information that you need to create your Proposed Budget for Internship Funding.

Proposed Budget For Internship Funding, Summer 2014: This document needs to be completed for students applying for funding through a Grant or Endowment Program. Follow the Budget Planning Guidelines instructions (see above) for how to complete this document correctly.  You need to save this document as a one -page PDF for upload into your online application.

The deadline to apply for a Summer 2014 Grinnellink internship is Wednesday, February 12 at 11:59 p.m.  Once all applications are received, they will be sent to the site supervisors, who will select which applicant will join them during the summer. You will be notified by the CLS of the decision once it has been made, which is typically mid-March.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I view available summer Grinnellink internship opportunities?
Log in to your PioneerLink account and search keyword: “Grinnellink.” Use your full Grinnell e-mail address as your username OR visit the CLS to view printed copies of all Grinnellink internship descriptions.

When is the application deadline for Grinnellink internships?                        
All application materials must be submitted online before 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, February 12, 2014. Your application must contain all required documentation and the CLS will not accept applications past this deadline. Following the deadline, our office will distribute the application materials to internship supervisors immediately for their review. Application instructions can be found above on the Application Process & Deadlines section of this webpage.

Are Grinnellink internships available to first-year students or those with minimal experience?
Yes, first-year students are eligible to apply for most Grinnellink internship opportunities. However, some opportunities have specific requirements and criteria, so read and review each internship description carefully.  

I am a fourth-year (senior) student.  May I apply for a Grinnellink internship?
No.  To be eligible to apply, the student must be currently enrolled and be enrolled as a full-time student for the following semester of classes.  

Are Grinnellink internships available for international students?
Eligibility may vary by internship organization and the individual student. If the Grinnellink internship has funding paid directly to the student by the sponsoring organization/agency, international students may not be eligible or he/she may need to apply for CPT or OPT work authorization. If funding is provided only by a stipend from Grinnell College, international students are eligible to apply, in most cases.   

May I apply to several Grinnellink internships?
No.  Eligible students may apply to only one Grinnellink internship opportunity. This ensures timely coordination of review and selection for all applicants and sponsoring organizations.    

When will I receive a decision regarding my application?
The CLS requests hosting Grinnellink organizations to select qualified applicants as soon as possible. Our office will notify applicants of decisions immediately upon confirmation from the organization. We have asked that decisions are made prior to the start of the Spring break; however, timing will depend on the schedules of those reviewing the applications.