Charge to the Council on Diversity & Inclusion

The mission of the Council on Diversity & Inclusion is to provide strategic recommendations to the President on how to develop and sustain an inclusive and diverse campus community and to evaluate the effectiveness of the College's practices. It is also charged with:

  • Working closely with others on campus to develop programs related to the recruitment and retention of faculty, staff, and students from underrepresented groups.
  • Evaluating diversity in the curriculum and co-curriculum.
  • Monitoring campus climate and recommending policies, practices, and programs designed to improve it for all faculty, staff, and students.
  • Reviewing, revising, and implementing the Grinnell College Diversity Plan.

The membership of the 2015-2016 Council on Diversity & Inclusion includes:

Lakesia Johnson - Co-Chair and Convener
Leslie Turner - Co-Chair
Mary Greiner, Assistant Vice President of Human Resources
Brian Mitchell - Staff Council
Elizabeth Prevost - Associate Professor of History (Executive Council Representative)
Laura Sinnett - Associate Professor of Psychology (FOC Appointed, 2015-2017)
Al Lacson - Associate Professor of History (FOC Appointed, 2015-2017)
Deanna Shorb - Dean of Religious Life 
Karen Edwards - Director of International Student Affairs 
Justin Thaxton - Coordinator for Diversity & Inclusion in Athletics
Chinyere Ukabiala - Ombudsperson
Patricia Amador-Lacson - Coordinator of Multicultural Recruitment 
Vance Byrd - Associate Professor of German (Faculty & Staff of Color Caucus)
Randye Jones - Faculty & Staff of Color Caucus
Stephanie Snow - Interim Assistant Director of Intercultural Affairs
Jennifer Krohn - Accessibility
Autumn Wilke - Disability Resources Coordinator
Simone Downs - Multicultural Leadership Council
Anita DeWitt - SGA Diversity & Outreach Coordinator
Dan Davis - SGA President
Emily Hughes - Accessibility
Toby Baratta - Queer Leadership Council



Road Map to Articulating the Value of Diversity in Grinnell’s Liberal Arts Education and Implementing that Vision


Campus Climate Next Steps, October 2011