Mission Statement

The Office of Intercultural Engagement & Leadership provides a comprehensive learning structure to assist students of color and first generation college students during the First Year Student experience through graduation. The mission of the Intercultural Engagement department is to help students thrive and pursue a tremendous range of academic opportunities at Grinnell and beyond. Intercultural Engagement fosters inclusive excellence, cultural competency training, equity and social justice education to help students thrive and obtain global perspectives on world issues.  

Grinnell College is fully vested in helping students develop critical thinking skills, academic excellence and a broad range of life skills. Student success is enhanced through higher learning outcomes plus innovative new strategies which actively engage students, faculty and staff. A Grinnell education prepares students to walk proudly across the stage to receive a Grinnell College diploma and begin a new chapter of intellectual engagement. Grinnell College seeks conscientious life learners who will change the world and contribute to the greater good. Grinnell students are highly intellectual global citizens who seek challenging curriculum and the opportunity to help make a difference in the world. 

Intercultural Engagement and Leadership provides support to students of color and first generation college students to help them succeed academically and personally at Grinnell College, a rigorous liberal arts college. The major objective of Intercultural Engagement is to help every domestic student of color and first generation student proudly receive a Grinnell College diploma. The Intercultural partnerships center on advising, programming, and the utilization of academic resources to build student  success and intellectual capital.


Intercultural Engagement and Leadership provides a broad spectrum of institutional resources to help students explore academic interest and cultural identities. Intercultural Engagement seeks to provide a forum where important issues of diversity and cultural competency can enrich Grinnell's global college community. The department enthusiastically collaborates with students, faculty, staff and external constituents to enhance the core College's core values of intellectual excellence, social justice and diversity. Grinnell College honors the individual identities of thriving young men and women who richly impact the greater college environment and ultimately the world. 

Intercultural Goals

  • Educational, social and cultural programming in collaboration with other campus departments and organizations
  • Collaborate with office and groups to coordinate multiple layers of student support
  • Set retention goals to minimize student challenges both in and outside of the classroom setting

Enhance the First Year Experience

  • Assist first year college students to easily transition into the residential college community of Grinnell college
  • Provide academic success models for individual support and group advising
  • Teach new students how to outline a healthy balance in academc, social and personal life.
  • Train upper-class Peer Mentors an effective leader to the incoming Peer Mentee each year

Information Sessions      

  • Study skills
  • Classroom expectations
  • Career Development Office
  • Time management
  • Athletic coach mentors
  • Academic Resource Center
  • Cultural competency
  • Leadership skills
  • Fiscal responsibility