Gathering Information Via Electronic Survey

PioneerWeb - Blackboard (A Commercial Product on Campus)

Surveys within PioneerWeb (Blackboard) are flexible and easy to construct. Participants in a survey must be members of a course or organization where the survey is deployed. An Organization may be created to include the target audience. To access the survey, participants must log into PioneerWeb. If you have questions about setting up a survey in PioneerWeb, contact Linda Ludwig at ext 4901.

Vovici (A Commercial Product hosted on web)

Vovici is an online feedback management/survey tool for designing and deploying surveys for both on campus or off campus populations. Vovici surveys have been used for faculty research, program assessment, and training evaluation. Information Technology Services has a limited number of licenses. If you have questions regarding whether Vovici is right for you, contact Linda Ludwig at ext 4901.

Before beginning any survey that involves human research participants, consult the Institutional Review Board.