Faculty Studies in Burling Library

Eight small studies on the basement level of Burling Library are available to Grinnell College faculty for assignment on a one-semester, two-semester, or summer basis. Needs for which these studies are an appropriate form of faculty support include substantial research projects that require heavy use of the library's collections or a place, free from interruption, in which to write. The studies are not intended to serve as supplementary faculty offices.

Assignment of the faculty studies is made by the Librarian of the College. Applications should take the form of a brief, specific letter or email stating the purpose for which the study is requested. Application deadlines are: September 1 (fall semester), December 20 (spring semester), and May 10 (summer).

The following priorities guide assignment of faculty studies: (1) Grinnell College faculty on research/sabbatical leave whose offices have been reassigned; (2) other Grinnell faculty on research/sabbatical leave; (3) Grinnell faculty not on leave who are actively engaged in a substantive research or writing project. Other considerations being equal, priority will go to applicants who have not recently had a study. The extent to which a faculty study has been used during earlier assignment(s) may also play a role in evaluating renewal requests. Studies are generally assigned for a single semester or summer, but assignments may be renewed on request depending on demand. Faculty on year-long leaves may be assigned a full academic year.

Questions and applications should be directed to Richard Fyffe, Librarian of the College.

Norms for Occupants of Faculty Studies

  • Uninterrupted quiet is what is most prized by the faculty who use the carrels.
  • Each faculty study has a data jack for Internet access in addition to wireless access. They do not have phone jacks. We ask you to keep your cell phone on vibrate and to minimize calls from within your study.
  • We also ask you not to meet with students when you're in your study. Semi-private consultation spaces are available on Level 1 of Burling for meetings with students and others.
  • Occupants of faculty studies should work with ITS on set-up and other issues having to do with computers and hardware.