Freiburg - IES: European Union Program

Why study on the European Union Program?

  • interaction with economic and political experts and government officials, as well as corporate and NGO executives
  • field trips to key EU organizations, including: European Parliament in Strasbourg, the Court of Justice in Luxembourg, the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, the Commission and Council of the European Union in Brussels, and the World Bank in Paris
  • summer internships for advanced-level students of German after spring-semester program

IES European Union offers intensive study of the European Union.  Based in Freiburg, Germany, the program benefits from its location in the center of Europe.

  • Location: Freiburg, Germany.  Extended field studies throughout Europe.
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Academics: Required: German, EU Studies Integrative Seminar.  Electives include: International Relations, Political Science, and Area Studies.  Post program internships for students with advanced level of German.
  • Field trips: Students receive briefings at the United Nations and World Trade Organization in Geneva, the OECD in Paris, and NATO in Brussels. Additional field study trips are offered to the new member states of the E.U., such as Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, and Latvia.
  • Housing: Dormitories
  • Prerequisites: At least one semester of German. Prior coursework in modern European history, politics, or economics recommended.
  • Calendar: Fall or spring semester

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Professor Byrd, (German) ARH 231A
Richard Bright, (OCS Director) Macy 108
Jonathan Larson, (OCS Assistant Director) Macy 107
Eligibility: Open to all majors with at least one year of German
Related Fields of Study
International Relations
Political Science
Western European Studies
Website: Program Website

After visiting the program website, please feel free to contact the program for more information: International Education of Students (IES) | 800-995-2300 | Fax: 312-944-1448 | Susan Hansen: shansen[at]iesabroad[dot]org


Stockholm - The Swedish Program

Hamilton College in Sweden

  • The Swedish Program: Liberal Arts at the Stockholm School of Economics , primarily recommended for students intending to work on advanced projects in the social sciences, focuses on how Sweden has addressed political, social, artistic, and economic issues relevant to all advanced societies.
  • The curriculum reflects the country's innovative responses to public policy challenges such as environmental protection, gender equality, women's issues, immigration, workplace democracy, day-care, health care, and education; topics which are pursued in an interdisciplinary and critical tradition. Comparative study compares and contrasts Swedish social and economic policies with those of the United States and its European neighbors. Course work also includes the required study of Swedish language as well as offerings in Swedish literature, film, art, and architecture. All content courses are taught in English. Classes promote experiential learning through direct observation and discussion with Swedish professionals, and students are expected to keep journals in order to record and interpret their everyday experiences.
  • Field trips have included visits to the Swedish Parliament, art museums, the Royal Theater, public schools, and private companies. The fall semester program offers an extended excursion to the islands of the Stockholm Archipelago while in the spring semester students travel to the Dalarna region 200 miles north of the Stockholm. An optional excursion is also offered to the island of Gotland.
  • Program participants have the option of living with a Swedish family or in university-owned apartments throughout the city.
  • Eligibility: Background in sociology, anthropology, and/or political science. Detailed plan of study.  

Hamilton College | 315-737-0123 | Fax: 315-737-0127 | info[at]swedishprogram[dot]org

Richard Bright, (OCS Director) Macy 108
Jonathan Larson, (OCS Assistant Director) Macy 107
Eligibility: Open to all majors
Related Fields of Study
European Studies
Health Care
International Relations
Migration Studies
Political Science
Public Policy
Swedish & Scandinavian Studies
Women’s Studies
Website: Program Website


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