Every student on the GIW program participates in an internship that lasts at least 12 weeks. The internship is Monday- Thursday, approximately 32 hours a week, but much of the learning from the internship takes place through the activities of an internship seminar that all students take once a week. Beginning in April, students take the lead on the search for an internship with coaching and support from Grinnell College's Office of Careers, Life, and Service. Students often end up with placements at organizations discovered through Grinnell’s rich network of alumni in Washington. Science students in particular might also find their faculty to be helpful sources of recommendations, according to a student's interests. See the GIW Student Handbook for a more detailed description of the search process.

The possibilities for internships are endless! A selection of the internships that previous GIW students have had are listed below.

For a complete list of all internships done in DC by Grinnell College students, please search the database hosted by using the Center for Careers, Life, and Service:
1) Log onto Pweb
2) Select the Community Tab on the upper bar
3) Select the Pioneer Internship Database bar, located on the left hand side
4) Enter in key words to narrow your search