Course Registration Directions

Course Change Policies and Forms (add/drop/withdraw)

Full semester courses:  Registration Change Forms (add/drop without transcript entry, and audit changes) and S/D/F Forms for regular full-semester courses will be accepted by the Registrar's Office during the first three weeks of classes.  The deadline for Fall 2014 is Friday, September 19 and for Spring 2015 is Friday, February 6.  Registration Change Forms to withdraw from a course for "W" transcript entry are due in the Registrar's Office by Friday, November 7 in the fall and Friday, April 3 in the spring.

1/2 semester courses:  Registration Change Forms (add, drop and audit changes) and S/D/F forms for 1/2 semester courses (typically meeting the first 6-7 weeks of the semester or the second 6-7 weeks of the semester) will be accepted by the Registrar's Office through the second Friday after the course begins.  Specific course meeting information is included in the "NOTES" of the course listing in the Schedule of Courses, and online via the Pioneer Web schedule search.  Registration Change Forms to withdraw from a course for a "W" transcript entry are due in the Registrar's Office by Friday of the fourth full week of the course.

Short courses:  Courses less than a 1/2 semester in length are considered to be a short course.  Students will be required to add, drop by the end of the second class meeting day.  S/D/F and audit options must also be declared by the end of the second class meeting day.  Students may not withdraw ("W" grade) from a short course.  


Course Change Form

Considerations If Dropping Below Full-Time Enrollment Status

Considerations if dropping below full-time enrollment status

  1.  Students may withdraw from courses until the end of the 9th week of the semester with an endorsement of their faculty adviser.  After the end of the 9th week and before final day of classes, students may petition to withdraw under the Emergency Course Withdrawal policy -
  2. No student may drop below 8 credits.
  3. There is no reduction in tuition cost.  Students will pay the full semester’s tuition even if enrolled less than full-time.   (The only exceptions are occasional 9th semester students who are allowed to complete their degrees while being charged per credit hour.)
  4.   Students who do not make normal academic progress – i.e., earn fewer than 12 credits – during the semester will have their grades and credits reviewed by the Committee on Academic Standing.  If deficient, this can result in a student being warned, placed on academic probation or academically suspended.
  5. There may be implications for your Financial Aid.  Talk with a staff member in the Financial Aid Office to review your situation, x3250.
  6.  There may be implications for your health insurance.  Grinnell College’s Student Assurance will allow you to be less-than-full time, but your personal policy (if you have one), may not allow this.  Talk with your insurance carrier.
  7.  If you are participating on a varsity athletic team, NCAA rules do not allow students who are less than full time to compete.  Talk with your coach about this.
  8.  To live in the residence halls, students must be full time.  To have your situation reviewed, contact Andrea Conner, x3713.
  9. If you have been approved to study off campus in a future semester, you were approved on the basis of the four-year plan that you submitted when you applied, and changes to that plan may make you ineligible to participate in your off-campus program.  Talk with the Director of Off-Campus Study to review your situation, x4850.
  10.  If you are an international student holding F-1 status,  a drop below full course load is allowed in limited circumstances only.  It requires pre-authorization, so contact the OISA prior to a drop below full course load.  Contact Karen Edwards or Brenda Strong, x3703, for more info.
  11.  Students need to maintain full-time enrollment status – both before and after the summer internship – to be eligible to receive internship funding.  Consult with the Megan Crawford at the Career Development Office, x4940 to discuss your situation, if this applies.
Registration For Current Students -- Off-Campus


Applies to students currently on Off-Campus Study, Personal Leave, Medical Leave or students with a Withdrawn or Suspended Status that have been approved to return.

PREREGISTRATION FOR OFF-CAMPUS STUDENTS - Monday, Nov. 4 through Thursday, Nov.14

IMPORTANT:  These Preregistration instructions apply to those students who are not currently attending classes on campus.  You will not be allowed to preregister if you have not obtained required approval shown below, have not paid your advance enrollment deposit, or have any unpaid balance on your account.    

Current Status                       Approval Required                                  
Personal or Medical Leave          Director of Academic Advising                                   
Withdrawal or Suspension          Registrar                                   
Off-Campus Study                    None


*Registration forms will be accepted up until 5:00 p.m. (CST), Tuesday, November 12.  Registration information received after November 12th will be held until after preregistration cuts and closures have been processed.  If you are late, when preregistration reopens the week of November 25th, you will be added to any courses that have not yet closed.  Preregistration add/drop information received after December 20th will not be accepted, and you will have to wait until the first day of classes in January to add courses.


  • View your academic evaluation via the Course Area & Academic Info tab of your Pioneer Web account to check your credit totals.  If you have a major declared, you should check the status of remaining courses and credits in your major.
  • Check if you have the prerequisites and co-requisites for all courses.  You will not be registered for any courses for which you do not have the published prerequisite and/or co-requisite without the instructor's permission.  If you do not have the permission, the courses will have to be added in January when you can obtain an instructor signature.  Academic Catalog
  • Create your desired schedule using Schedule Planner on P-web.  Check for prerequisites and co-requisites by looking at the information to the left of the Reg #.
    - Click on "Print Registration form".
    - Right click on the Spring 2014 schedule and "convert to Adobe PDF".
    - Email this to your faculty adviser(s) for approval and copy Tammy Whitney, whitneyt[at]grinnell[dot]edu.

If you cannot access P-web:

Students will not be preregistered until their adviser has given their approval to the Registrar's Office.  Registration forms and adviser approvals will be accepted no later than 5:00 p.m. Tuesday, November 12.  Review your course selections carefully before submitting them.  Once you submit your selections, you are not allowed to make changes.

Students are expected to have discussed their proposed programs of study with an adviser prior to their leaves.  Since students are allowed to audit courses on a space available basis, students may not preregister for courses they wish to audit.  Audited courses may be added after the cut and closure process.

Registration For Current Students -- On-Campus


Preregistration Dates:      Monday, April 15 to Thursday, April 25, 2013                  Deadline:                       5:00 pm April 25, 2013


  • Go to Pioneer Web - Course Areas and Academic Info tab - "Am I Registration Ready?"
  • Holds are placed by the Cashier, Financial Aid, Health Center, Registrar and Student Affairs.
  • Students with a hold cannot preregister until all holds are cleared - see the appropriate office.


It is your responsibility to know what courses you need and totals by division and department.


  • The Schedule of Courses is available on line.  See Pioneer Web - Course Areas & Acad Info.
  • You must use the Registration Form that is generated by the on-line Schedule Planner.  Additional lines have been added and you and your adviser may hand-write any changes in the space provided.
  • Know your adviser's office hours and get a signature. The Registrar's Office will not accept "Registration Forms" that do not have an adviser signature - no exceptions.  You will also need to sign the Registration Form.

Students pursuing more than one major or a concentration should meet with both faculty advisers and have each major adviser sign the Registration form. If you cannot locate your adviser, see your major department's chairperson. If you have not declared a major see the Registrar or Assistant Registrar.


  • Students are not allowed to preregister for any course for which they do not have the published prerequisite and/or co-requisite, unless they have the instructor's signature on the form.
  • Students are not allowed to preregister for more than 18 credits unless the additional credits are music lessons or varsity sports.
  • Students may not preregister for courses they wish to audit. They may be added during drop/add.
  • Students are required to preregister for 297, 299, 387, 397, 399 and 499 by filling out an application form; completed forms are due in the Office of the Registrar by 5:00 PM Monday, April 29, 2013.

You must use the online Schedule Planner Tool 
to print out a Registration Form for your adviser to sign.


New Students

Office of the Registrar New Student Registration John Chrystal Center Information - FALL 2014-15

Welcome to Grinnell!
We want your first semester to be a positive experience. These tips will help get you off to a great start.

1. Please do not lose the Arrival Confirmation form because you cannot register without this form.

2. Clear any holds listed on the Arrival Confirmation form. Holds may be placed by the Cashier’s Office, Health Center, Financial Aid or Registrar and must be cleared before you will be allowed to register for classes. If your form indicates “none” on all lines, you do not need to do anything. If you have a hold, please visit that office immediately. If you lose your form, please visit the Registrar’s Office immediately, so a duplicate can be made. Clear your holds early! The lines to the cashier and financial offices can be long. You can visit these two offices on Saturday, August 23 from 8am to 2pm or on Monday or Tuesday, August 25 and 26.

3. Review the New Student Registration Card.  When you meet with your adviser you will work together to complete the actual card that you will submit as your final registration.



With your adviser, you will fill out the New Student Registration Card. On the FIRST line of EACH round, you should put the courses you MOST want to take in order of priority. (Do not use the fourth round unless you are not assigned a tutorial.) Then on the next lines of each round you should put courses that you would be willing to take as alternatives to your first choice in that round. (Try to ensure that your alternatives in round #1 do not create schedule conflicts with your first choice in round #2 or #3.)

One of your selections for each “round” will be one of your three courses (in addition to the tutorial). Therefore, the courses you list in each round should be ones that you would be willing to have as alternatives or back-ups to your first choice in that round. This enables you to select alternative courses that contribute similar breadth to your liberal arts program (for example, a natural science or a foreign language) or allow you to pursue a similar schedule of courses.

Before you meet with your adviser, consider your goals, priorities, and criteria for each “round.” You have the best chance of getting your first choice listed in round one. Your adviser will help you weigh your interest in the subject, your overall educational goals, and availability of positions in the course.

After you turn in the card, the Registrar’s office will enter all selections from the cards using the following process:

On August 26th and according to a random selection, every student will be placed in a single course before any student is registered for a second course. In the interest of fairness, the placement order will be reversed for the second round and reshuffled for subsequent rounds. Registration will continue until every student has been registered for 3 or 4 courses. This will be accomplished by submitting a registration card of a priority list of courses for 3 to 4 rounds of registrations. Registration begins with round 1 and course number 1. Once a student is placed in a course for round 1, other choices in that round will be ignored.** Course preferences for the next round will be selected from courses identified in the round 2 section of the card followed by those listed in the round 3 section of the card. For students without a tutorial, an additional course will be entered from round 4 so that every student who wishes may have four courses.

There are no guarantees, but in prior years nearly 90% of students received their first-choice course in the first round and around 85% received their first-choice course in the second round. In the third round more than 70% of students received one of their first three class choices.

**Please note that if nothing is available in a round, we will put in your first available choice for the next round. Remember courses can be changed during the drop/add period.  

REGISTRATION DAYS – Monday and Tuesday, August 25 and 26: After you have met with your tutorial adviser, and your adviser has signed your card, bring the Registration Card and your New Student Arrival Confirmation form to the Registrar’s Office in the John Chrystal Center. The card must be turned in no later than 4:00 p.m., Tuesday, August 26. Any student who fails to submit a card by 4:00 p.m. will have to add classes when the drop/add process begins on Wednesday afternoon, August 27, 3:00 p.m. in the Harris Center.  

YOUR SCHEDULE: As soon as registration is completed on Wednesday, August 27th at 2:00 p.m., your schedule will be released and you may view your schedule via your Pioneer Web account. Your schedule will reflect only the courses that were open to you at the time we entered your data. If there are any errors, you should visit the Registrar’s Office immediately. Please remember that as of 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday, all classes are under the direct control of instructors and the instructor’s or department representative’s signature will be required to add any course.  

POST REGISTRATION FORUM: Wednesday, August 27, 3:00 pm - The tutorial instructors will be available in the Harris Center between 3:00 and 4:00 p.m. so that registered students can make any necessary adjustments in their schedule. Drop/Add slips will be available in Harris, in the Registrar’s Office and on-line. The last day to add or drop a class will be Friday, September 19.  

Registration Card