In order to host approved events at Grinnell you must complete the following steps. 

Step 1

Consult the campus Alcohol and Event Hosting Policies.

Step 2

Ensure that all hosts and servers for the event receive Event Hosting Certification.  Training sessions are offered several times throughout the semester and the certification lasts for three years.

Event Hosting Certification

All students who wish to host or serve at a campus event are required to receive Event Hosting Certification.  Trainings are held regularly throughout the semester and must be registered for in advance.  

Please note that registration closes at noon the day prior to the session.  Sessions that do not have 5 or more registered participants at that time will not take place.  In the case that you are registed for a session that does not have enough participants, you will receive an email with instructions for registering for another future session. 

Complete the following form to register for a session:

Event Hosting Certification Registration Form

Please feel free to email chentiff[at]grinnell[dot]edu with questions or for more information.

Step 3

Reserve the lounge where you wish to hold the event.

Lounge Reservations

Viewing the Lounge Schedule Online:

Prior to reserving a lounge, please consult the online lounge schedule.

Requesting a lounge or kitchen reservation:

Please note that lounge reservations for events with alcohol need to be completed by 5pm on the Friday one full week prior to your event. (Alcohol agreements are also due at this time).

1. Log into P-web and select the "community" tab at the top.

2. Select the link "Reserve Lounge or Kitchen", which is located on the left side of the page in the Resources Box.  It is also flagged as "new" to help you locate it.

3. You will be taken to another page which will prompt you to fill in all the necessary information for each lounge or kitchen you plan to reserve.

4. Within a day or so of completing the online reservation, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from the RLC of the lounge you requested, letting you know your lounge request has been approved.

Step 4

Complete the Alcohol and Event Hosting Agreement online.  Completed Alcohol Agreements are due 5pm the Friday one full week prior event.   

Step 5

In order to provide a wrap up of the event, hosts are asked to meet with Tiffany Chen briefly in person within the week following the event. The scheduling for this appointment is now included as part of the Alcohol and Event Hosting Agreement form.

Please email TIffany Chen chentiff[at]grinnell[dot]edu with any questions.