Student Staff Selection

Thank you for your interest in Student Staff 2014-2015!

Here you will find information and application materials for the Student Adviser position.

Student Adviser Position Overview

Student Advisers have a critical role in the student living experience at Grinnell College. They are committed to supporting students by serving as role models, mediators, and program organizers, and exhibit the ability to be effective listeners and excellent resources. SAs are available and approachable to residents while modeling appropriate behavior and setting an example of what it means to reside in a self governing community. Student Advisers strive to create an atmosphere where all residents feel safe and comfortable approaching any member the team.

The SA position requires both regularly scheduled position responsibilities, and times when SAs are available and accessible to their residents in their area. A reasonable schedule will include regularly scheduled staff meetings, staff trainings, and programming; as well as availability/visibility times at varying intervals during the day and night on the floor and in the building. SAs seek to build community throughout the year with their residents by conducting programs.

Student Adviser Focus Areas

Starting in Fall 2014, each SA will be offering programming related to a special focus area.  Each SA will still be expected to offer three programs per semester for their floor(s), which can be social, community building, or educational.  However, the fourth program per semester will be related to their focus area, and will be open to their entire cluster as part of a series of educational programs. The focus areas may include: sustainability, wellness, active bystanderism, academic success, social justice, and first-year experience.

Student Staff Selection Information and Checklist

APPLICATION- You are asked to provide descriptive information about yourself and your thoughts in response to just a few short answer questions. Application deadline, February 7, 5pm.

REFERENCE FORM - You are asked to provide 1 reference from an individual who can talk about your ability to relate to others and manage responsibility. Although your friends may know you well, for a stronger application, we advise that references come from faculty or work supervisors. Additional references, though welcome, are not necessary. Please note that since RLCs will be involved in the hiring process, they are unable to serve as references for Student Staff. Remember as well to thank your reference for taking the time to speak on your behalf! Deadline to submit reference form, February 7, 5pm.

GROUP PROCESS – SAs often work as a team and the Group Process is an opportunity to demonstrate your ability to work collaboratively. At this session you will be asked to rotate in small groups through several activities that challenge you think creatively and work together. This program is for introverts and extroverts alike, as the most successful is not always the most vocal (though we do want to hear what you have to say!). In addition to being informative, many applicants report that this program is also a lot of fun. You will be assigned to participate in one session on the evening of either Tuesday, February 18 or Wednesday, February 19, depending on your availability as indicated on the application.

INDIVIDUAL INTERVIEWS – Each candidate will also have one individual interview with an RLC and current members of Student Staff. Interviews last roughly 30 minutes, and provide an opportunity for you to share your interest in the position on a more personal level. It is likely that topics such as your ideas for building community on your floor and thoughts on self gov may arise in the discussion. Interviews will be scheduled for Saturday, February 22 and Sunday, February 23.

Take note of the following important dates:

  • Monday, January 27: Campus Leadership Fair (11am-1:30pm, JRC First Floor Lobby)
  • Friday, February 7: Student Staff Application Due (5pm, Submit Online)
  • Tuesday, February 18 OR Wednesday, February 19: Group Process A or B (7pm, ARH) Candidates are only asked to participate in one Group Process session
  • Saturday February 22-Sunday, February 23: Individual Interviews (Interviews last 30 minutes and will be in JRC 310 or RLC Offices)
  • Monday, March 31: Student Staff Contract Acceptance Deadline (5pm, Submit Online)
  • Sunday, April 27: General Campus Room Draw (Staffed by Student Staff Members, Harris Center)

Future Training Dates (All training dates are mandatory)

  • Fall Student Staff Training: Arrival one week prior to New Student Orientation
  • Spring Student Staff Training: Arrival one week prior to the start of spring semester classes

All the application materials can be found at the following links (remember the deadline to submit both completed parts is Friday, February 8 at 5pm):

Once your application and reference forms have been reviewed, you will receive scheduling information regarding the Group Process and Individual Interview.

Any additional questions? Don't hesitate to ask! Email Becca Don donb[at]grinnell[dot]edu