Be a Student Security Aide

Fun and adventurous...campus representative...These are just a few of the many characteristics and benefits that you will receive as a Security Aide with the Security Department. The Security Aide program began in August of 1998. The program offers a number of positions for students at the college. These jobs provide the college with student security workers in many areas. The program allows for students to be involved in security work, and an opportunity to learn from their training and experiences while on the job. Denise Benett (bennettd[at]grinnell[dot]edu) is the program coordinator. The primary function of a Student Security Aide is to support the Security Department in providing security to the campus. The Security Aide program is open to all majors, and is a great way to start building skills in the areas of Leadership, Supervision, Public Relations, and many others.

Student Security Aide Squads

Building Monitors

Provides security for students, faculty, and staff working in campus buildings after hours. Responsibilities include: locking doors and monitoring people coming in and out of the building.

Communications Center Aide

Provides assistance in the Communications Center by answering telephone calls, operating the radio, and directing Security Officers to different areas on campus.

Safety Escort Service

Provides assistance to the college community by providing after-dark safety escorts to individuals on campus.

Special Event Staff

Provides security for the Athletic Department and other areas on campus. Responsibilities include: watching spectators and being alert to problems at the events. In some cases duties include assisting with traffic flow and parking for events on campus.


To be considered for a position as a Student Security Aide with the Grinnell College Security Department you must:

  • Be a student at Grinnell College( attending classes, independent not applicable). Be able to work during special events on campus.
  • Be neat and present a good public image.
  • Communicate well with people on the radio.
  • Accept responsibility.
  • Work with supervision.
  • Complete an interview and background check.