Grinnell Corps: Lesotho

As a part of the Grinnell Corps, Grinnell College will appoint two of its 2014 graduates as Fellows to assist at St. Rodrigue High School, a Catholic mission girls' school located in the mountains of the Kingdom of Lesotho, a small country about one-fifth the size of Iowa and totally surrounded by South Africa. This program grows out of the experiences of seven Grinnell students who, in the summer of 1997, taught at St. Rodrigue High School under the auspices of a Hewlett Foundation grant for overseas community involvement. The program was founded by Grinnell College President Emeritus George Drake, who served as a Peace Corps Volunteer at St. Rodrigue from 1991-93.

The Fellows' primary responsibility at St. Rodrigue will be to jointly teach a course on "Guidance & Counseling," which includes topics such as human rights & responsibility, drug & substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, poverty, the environment, and sexual & reproductive health. The fellows will teach each of the 10 classes at St. Rodrigue twice each week, giving them significant exposure to all of the students at the school. They will also help with extracurricular activities (especially drama and debate), substitute for other teachers as needed (on a long-term basis if need be), offer 1:1 tutoring and help after school, assist in the library with book reports, and may take on other team-teaching opportunities with Basotho teachers as they arise, based on natural connections between the fellows and teachers.

In selecting the Teaching Fellows, Grinnell College seeks fluent speakers of English who will be able to teach Guidance & Counseling and perhaps other subjects for a two-semester school year, beginning in July 2014 or January 2015 and concluding eleven to twelve months after departure. St. Rodrigue High School is a girls' boarding school of over 400 students with a curriculum that prepares students for the Junior Certificate examination at the end of three years and the Cambridge Overseas School Certificate examination after the fifth year. Teachers prepare students for these examinations using a standard curriculum and textbooks. Expectations are equal to and, in the case of the Cambridge examinations, above those of US high schools. St. Rodrigue on Google Maps.


Fellows' Reports