Each year, Grinnell College sends two graduates to assist in the teaching of English at Number 11 High School, affiliated with Nanjing University, in Nanjing, China.

The Nanjing Teaching Fellowship allows these graduates to work closely with Chinese high school teachers and students while living with foreign students in the Foreign-Student Dormitory at Nanjing University.

In sponsoring the Fellowships, Grinnell College and Nanjing University hope to provide the Fellows with opportunities to know Chinese society well, to view their own lives and American society in a wider perspective, and to develop a lively sense of international citizenship.

The Nanjing Teaching Fellowship provides graduates with travel expenses, living expenses, and housing at the Foreign-Student Dormitory in Nanjing University. The Fellowship is tenable throughout the high school academic year, from late August to mid-July. The Teaching Fellows will be supervised by the English faculty of Number 11 High School in teaching classes for approximately twelve hours per week.

Past Fellows