Welcome to the Stonewall Resource Center Library!

What's in the SRC Library? 

Our inventory includes more than 1600 books 100 films, and subscriptions to the nation’s leading queer publications . Genres and topics includefiction, poetry, photography, children’s books, humor, history, AIDS, feminism, gender, transexuality, bisexuality, lesbians, gay men, race/ethnicity and sexuality, coming out, religion/spirituality, political action, and memoirs.

We order new materials every semester to keep up to date with current culture and the interests of our patrons. If you would like to recommend items for our library, send us an email at [srclibrary] or write your suggestions in the designated area on the chalkboard in the SRC.

Can I help? 

Absolutely!  Our open hours depend upon volunteers. Serving as a monitor is easy. Responsibilities include:

  • Being in the SRC during your chosen shifts (typically one to two hours).
  • Greeting people who visit the SRC, introducing them to the space, and directing them towards whatever resources they seek.
  • Maintaining confidentiality on sensitive issues so that the SRC remains a safe space.
  • Checking materials in and out .
  • Tidying the library, lounge, and kitchen area.
  • Enjoying the space, the resources, the library, and the company of SRC visitors.

What if I have more questions or suggestions? 

Email us at [srclibrary] or contact the SRC staff directly.

Checking out Library Materials

  • All materials must be checked out from an SRC monitor.
  • Films are available for one-week check out only and cannot be immediately renewed, since they are the most popular items in our collection.
  • ·When renting from a series, we ask that patrons check out one disc or video of the series at a time.
  • Before checking out or returning a DVD, please check the case to make sure the disc is inside.
  • Books may be checked out for three weeks and may be renewed unless they are requested  by another patron.
  • A patron may check out a maximum of six items at a time.
  • Current magazines are to be enjoyed within the SRC and cannot be checked out.
  • Return items to a SRC monitor or place them in the crate labeled, "Returned Items" next to the library door.