The Stonewall Coalition (StoneCo)

StoneCo is an organization of for all students who identify under the 'queer' LGBT umbrella and our allies. Our goal is to promote activism and education through collaboration with other student groups and maintain a sense of community and safety on campus. StoneCo meets weekly in the SRC. Email: [STONECO[at]grinnell[dot]edu].

Queer Athletes and Allies (QAA)

Queer Athletes and Allies seeks to help Queer Athletes form community and talk about issues specific to their experience within sports. The group meets Thursdays at 9pm and discusses topics related to Queers in athletics at both that macro level, looking to profession sports, and the micro level, looking to the experience of on campus Queer athletes and their allies. Email: [QAA[at]grinnell[dot]edu]

Queer and Christian

Queer and Christian is a student lead group for LGBTQ students who also identify as Christian. This group creates a safe, welcoming space for students to discuss their identies and grow in community. Come to hear and share stories with fellow students about the experiences, joys, questions, and struggles we experience as queer Christians. The group meets weekly on Monday nights. All correspondence will be kept confidential. For information, contact [GSC[at]grinnell[dot]edu] or [SRCenter[at]grinnell[dot]edu]

Queer People Of Color (QPOC)

QPOC aims to address issues of racial, ethnic and economic inequity within the queer establishment. For more information about becoming involved, please e-mail: [QPOC[at]grinnell[dot]edu].

Transgender Advocacy Group (TAG)

TAG meets weekly in the SRC to discuss issues of transgender, transsexual, genderqueer and other non-binary gender presentations and identities. Meetings are open to all trans and cis-gender individuals interested in learning more about gender and gender issues. Email: [TAG[at]grinnell[dot]edu]


Spectrum is a discussion group working to educate ourselves and others about issues that fall outside of the gay/straight binary, including identities, discrimination, and visibility. Email: [SPECTRUM[at]grinnell[dot]edu]

Feminist Action Coalition (FAC)

The Feminist Action Coalition (FAC) is Grinnell's student-run feminist organization. We are devoted to advocating on behalf of Grinnell's female-identified women, fighting oppression in all its forms, and having awesome feminist fun. In addition to weekly discussions about feminist issues, FAC organizes a number of popular events on campus, including the clothing-optional photo shoot, masturbation and consent workshops, Love Your Body Week, and Take Back the Night Week. Please feel free to email [FAC[at]grinnell[dot]edu] for more information or to join our mailing list.


OUTreach works to connect a queer community here at Grinnell with a larger queer community, through networking with high school GSAs, other college students, alums, Grinnell community members, and statewide, national and international networks. If you are interested in getting involved, or are interested in starting or developing a GSA at your high school, please contact [OUTREACH[at]grinnell[dot]edu].


Lesbian Movie Night and Organized Procrastination (LMNOP) and All Boys Cinema (ABC) are movie nights hosted weekly in the SRC. Info? Email: [SRCENTER[at]grinnell[dot]edu]

Queer Rainbow Super Team (QRST)

Queer Rainbow Super Team plays games and has fun! Sometimes outside, sometimes inside it is an all around raucus good time! Email: [QRST[at]grinnell[dot]edu]

Queer Mentorship Program (QMP)

Need to talk? You can email the Queer Mentorship Program and ask for a mentor to meet with confidentially, one-on-one, and talk about issues with sexuality and gender identity. Email [QMP[at]grinnell[dot]edu] to get started!