Program Mission

The mission of the Evaluation and Assessment program of the Division of Student Affairs (DSA) is to assist in the implementation of evidence-based decision making for various Division programs/departments, while providing support for individual and collective assessment efforts of the Student Development Assessment Group (SDAG).

Desired Learning Outcomes

Those who participate in the Evaluation and Assessment program will be better able to analyze, interpret, and make meaning of information gained from data collection and information gathering in an effort to improve their programs and their work.

As a result of staff members participating in the SDAG, they will learn to use multiple sources of information and knowledge to make evidence-based decisions.

Staff members who serve on SDAG will learn to work cooperatively with others, including people with different points of view.

As a result of individuals participating in the self study and program review process, they will learn to assess, articulate, and acknowledge personal and professional skills, abilities, and growth areas.

Individuals who engage with Evaluation and Assessment programs will learn to communicate more effectively by conveying meaning in a reflective manner that is understood by others as a result of writing coherently and effectively.