During the 2010-11 academic year, members of SDAG successfully developed Division-wide learning outcomes that articulate the ways in which students will learn and grow as a result of engaging with Student Affairs educators and their programs, services, and resources. Feedback from all members of the DSA was collected and informed this work.

In addition to reflection and goal setting, DSA staff drew upon the work of the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS), as well as Learning Reconsidered and Learning Reconsidered 2 when developing a comprehensive set of learning outcomes that encompasses five major themes to:

  • develop intrapersonal skills
  • value diversity, social justice, and global citizenship
  • think critically
  • relate to others
  • live with integrity


The focus of the Fall 2010 DSA Retreat was on learning outcomes. The PowerPoint presentation from this retreat can be found HERE.

The work from the retreat continued throughout the 2010-11 academic year. Staff from each DSA department or program developed learning outcomes for their respective areas that, in turn, informed the work of the Division-wide learning outcomes. Consistent with CAS recommendations, the learning outcomes drew upon the work of the recently crafted mission statements for each department or program.

In essence, DSA educators attempted to answer three questions:

  1. What learning (or skill building, or competency development...) do we think occurs?
  2. What or who facilitates this learning?
  3. Are we able to measure (assess) this learning?

Once specific and measurable learning outcomes were identified for each DSA department and program, SDAG members analyzed the different elements of the learning outcomes and created themes. These themes (identified above) served as the basis for creating Division-wide learning outcomes.

A compiled list of DSA division, department, and program learning outcomes can be found HERE. As a compendium to the compiled learning outcomes document, a map of compiled DSA learning outcomes can be found HERE. The mapping of the learning outcomes reflects both a breadth and depth of learning - across several domains - Grinnell College students should expect to encounter as a result of interacting with DSA staff and their programs and services.