What kinds of activities can I get involved in as a Grinnell student?

The short answer: whatever your heart desires.

The long answer: Grinnell has over 200 student groups, which span the spectrum from serious to silly. Interested in tutoring inmates at a local correctional facility? Join the Liberal Arts in Prison Program. Do you like to harmonize? Audition for one of our a cappella groups (and check out our sweet singing valentines).

And if you don’t see a group you like? Grinnell offers generous funding and support for students to create their own organizations. In recent years, students have started groups ranging from Salseros de Grinnell to Student Athletes Leading Social Change.

Below, check out a comprehensive (but by no means exhaustive) list of the groups you can get involved with at Grinnell:

What’s the deal with no Greek life?

Grinnell has a long and proud tradition of being fraternity- and sorority-free.

Why? On the whole, Grinnellians are an inclusive, open-minded bunch. Despite what you might see in the movies, our students know that it is entirely possible to have an active and engaging social life without going Greek.

At Grinnell, all campus events are free of charge, and all parties are open-invitation. Each year, students have the opportunity to attend over 500 events, performances, or symposia. We’ve showcased artists like Bon Iver, Mykki Blanco, and even a young Bruce Springsteen.

And when it comes to making our own fun, Grinnellians can’t be beat. (If you need any convincing, just check out Star Wars Grinnell.)

Two students play ultimate frisbee in front of north campus residence halls