Loose Hall

Street Address: 
1215 East Street
Grinnell, IA 50112
United States
Campus Location: 
South Campus

Residence Life Coordinator



Loose Hall has 51 singles, 25 doubles and 1 triple and houses 104 students.


Floors Singles Doubles
Pit 8 4
First 8 4
Second 9 4
Third 9 2


Floors Singles Doubles Triples
Pit 0 2 1
First - - -
Second 14 2 0
Third 3 7 0



Loose Hall has 3 lounges. The main lounge is located on the first floor and has a piano, a television, a DVD player and a VHS player.


Loose Hall has five kitchens. There is a kitchen on every floor, and there are two on Loose first. The kitchens are equipped with a stove, an ove, a microwave and a fridge.


Loose Hall has a trunk room located in the south side of the pit.


Loose Hall has a laundry facility in the basement which has several washers and dryers that can be operated using campus cash from a student's P-Card.

Computer Lab

A computer lab with printing facilities is located on the first floor of Read, the residence hall right next to Main.

Building Details

Offices / Resources: 
Residence Life
Building History: 

Loose Hall was dedicated to two Iowans, Francelia Spitzer Loose, a schoolteacher, and her physician husband, Dr. David N. Loose, although neither were alumni of Grinnell. Loose Hall was one of the first residence halls on campus to have co-ed floors after coeducational living was adopted in 1968 and is the largest South Campus residence hall.