Rawson Hall



Rawson Hall has 16 singles, 6 doubles, and 2 triples and houses 34 students.

Floors Singles Doubles Triples
Pit 3 2 0
First 4 0 0
Second 5 1 2
Third 4 3 0



Rawson Hall has two lounges. A study lounge is located in the pit, and a larger lounge with a television is located on the first floor.


Rawson Hall has one kitchen which is located on the first floor. It has a stove, an oven, a microwave and a fridge.


A trunk room is located in Rawson Pit, and can be used for storing articles.


Rawson Hall has access to the laundry facilities in Younker and Dibble.

Computer Lab

Residents of Rawson have easy access to the computer labs in the North Campus dorms Norris and Younker.


A recycling facility is located on the first floor of Rawson.

Building Details

1336 Park Street
Grinnell, IA 50112
United States
Campus Location: 
North Campus
Offices / Resources: 
Residence Life
Building History: 

Rawson Hall is named in honor of alumnus and former trustee Charles A. Rawson, a football player during his years as a Grinnell student and a tireless supporter of Grinnell athletics. According to college legend, Gary Cooper '26 once led a horse up the stairway of Gates-Rawson Tower with varying results, depending on who tells the story.

Rawson Hall is recognizable by its tower, the southern of the two towers that are a central feature of the North Campus range of residences, at Park Street and Ninth Avenue. Resembling the gate of Hampton Court Palace, it aligns with a parallel gate that is part of Rose Hall on East Campus. It therefore, with Gates to the immediate north, forms part of the part of the "equinox pathway".  Those who rise early on the morning of the vernal equinox can view the sunrise directly to the east through two campus archways (the Rose Hall arch and the Rawson/Gates Tower arch).  

Residence Life Coordinator