General Travel Expense Guidelines

Please complete a Travel Expense Voucher and return with original itemized receipts to the Dean's Office (Nollen 2nd) within thirty days from date of travel. If you need assistance, please contact Marcia Baker in the Dean's Office at ext. 3100.

Funds should not be committed for non-refundable expenses until receiving notification of approval.

Original itemized receipts are needed for all allowable expenses including transportation (except mileage), registration, and lodging. Receipts must be itemized and show specific items purchased.

Lodging and Transportation

  • Normally, the rate available for student housing per night is $60. In some cases, the maximum expense available per student may be increased to $120 per night. 
  • The maximum total amount available for transportation is $300 for travel within 350 miles and $400 for distances greater than 350 miles. In some cases worked out with the Associate Dean's office, special funding may be available for subsidizing international travel. It is expected that travel dates and times will be selected to keep travel and lodging expenses low. Please make flight arrangements as early as possible to ensure the lowest possible fares. Those driving will be reimbursed at $0.56 per mile, plus parking and tolls, up to the maximum amount allowed. Expenses for ground transportation to and from the Des Airport may be reimbursed up to $66. Expenses for ground transportation to and from the Cedar Rapids airport may be reimbursed up to $88.

Students traveling to give a presentation at a professional conference

All applications should be submitted three months before the beginning date of the conference. Notifications of funding will normally be made two months before the beginning date of the conference. Administration of funds is contingent on acceptance of the student's application for presentation.

  • Only "early registration" fees will be reimbursed. Membership fees and funds for extra conference activities will not be reimbursed.
  • All students attending the same conference are expected to travel together and share lodging (up to four students per room). Lodging will only be reimbursed for stays occurring during the regular schedule of the conference.
  • For conference days when meals are not included with registration, meals can be reimbursed up to $25 per day when original itemized receipts showing specific items purchased are provided. We recommend selecting a hotel that provides breakfast if possible. Keep in mind that we cannot reimburse for alcohol or non-food items.
  • Students are eligible to receive funding for presentation of their MAP results up to a year after completion of the MAP.

Go to the Student Travel Funding Request Form

Students traveling to conduct research during the MAP

Budgets for Summer MAPs are submitted by faculty MAP directors in February. Budgets for Fall and Spring MAPs should be included within the student's MAP application.

Since Summer MAP students already receive stipends intended to cover their living expenses, summer MAP students may only be partially reimbursed for lodging and transportation expenses in significant excess of those expenses for living in Grinnell.