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Curricular Development Projects

Faculty members are invited to apply for funding to support activities related to teaching.  These activities may include 
  • curricular development projects,
  • classroom visitors, 
  • course-related fieldtrips, 
  • faculty reading groups and weekend seminars,
  • faculty-faculty tutorials, 
  • on-campus summer workshops, 
  • professional meetings related to teaching, 
  • teaching and learning discussion groups, 
  • and workshops, courses, and seminars to develop new teaching competencies. 
Proposal Evaluation Criteria:
  • Does the proposal fit with the College's strategic priorities, especially the emphases on integrative and inquiry-based learning and interdisciplinary curricular development?
  • Does the proposal exemplify and facilitate new or more effective kinds of teaching?
  • Does the proposal use technological tools or skills that instructors would be unlikely to acquire without special funding?
  • Does the proposal relate to courses that are, or will be, taught frequently?
  • Has the proposal already been partly implemented, so that some course materials can already be examined and assessed?
  • Does the proposal come from instructors who have not recently received similar grants?
  • Would this proposal not be implemented as part of normal course development in the faculty member
  • Is this proposal collaborative?
For more information, please go to GrinnellShare (login required).

Leaves for Support of Faculty Scholarship

Grinnell College offers several leave programs for regular, full-time faculty.

Type of leave Deadline Link to Guidelines
Harris 1st Friday in August Harris Guidelines
Study 3rd Friday in August Study Leave Guidelines
Research 2nd Friday in November Research Leave Guidelines
Sabbatical 2nd Friday in November Sabbatical Guidelines

Externally-Funded Faculty Career Enhancement

Mellon Postdoctoral Fellows Support for Teaching and Learning


Off-Campus Opportunities

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Iowa College Foundation

National Institute for Technology and Liberal Education (NITLE)

The Collaboration for the Advancement of College Teaching and Learning