In the Writing Lab, instructors assist students to become elegant, eloquent writers and public speakers and support faculty in their roles as teachers of writing and speaking across the curriculum.

We believe:


  • Offers a powerful tools not only for communicating existing ideas but for discovering new ones.
  • Furthers conversation or dialogue.
  • Writers rarely practice their craft in isolation; instead the impetus for writing often comes from the urge to respond to what others have said.
  • Can be joyful, energizing, liberating, healing, satisfying--yes, really!
  • Is a process that involves drafting and revising, perhaps several times, as well as a product, a final polished version free from grammatical and mechanical errors.
  • Improves with feedback.

Public Speaking...

  • Informs and persuades.Offers the opportunity for exchange of ideas "in real time."
  • Increases understanding between audience and speaker.
  • Can be mastered using practice and feedback.
  • Applies across languages, cultures, careers.