The Capture-Recapture activity you recently completed is part of a National Science Foundation project to develop educational material that deepens the statistical knowledge of undergraduates. Please help us better understand how to create the most effective materials possible by completing the following on-line survey.

There are no risks involved, as all questions are general in nature.  You are free to not participate in this survey, leave any particular questions blank, or to stop at any time. Your answers will be stored confidentially. If any data is analyzed and summarized for publication, no identifying information will be included.  Only students that are 18 or older should complete the survey. Feel free to contact Professor Kuiper, kuipers[at]grinnell[dot]edu if you have any questions. These questions will take about 10 minutes to answer. If you are willing to help with this study, please click below to answer the survey questions.

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How much to you agree with the following statements:
The Capture-Recapture activity was helpful in showing: