Grinnell offers opportunities for students who want to continue their studies off-campus. Religious studies majors have lived in Hindu communities while studying in India, immersed themselves in the religious culture of Japan, studied with Buddhists scholars, and learned Hebrew in Jerusalem and Arabic in Cairo. Students also have arranged internships at Neighborhood Capital Budget Group and the Iowa Bureau of Refugee Services. One student held a summer internship that combined work among Hispanics in inner-city Chicago with the study of Catholic liberation theology. The religious studies department also plans the annual Gates Lecture. The lectureship was established in 1913 by faculty, alumni, and friends of the college, in memory of the college's second president, George A. Gates, "to bring to the campus the very best of modern thought" on religion. Recent speakers have included Seyyed Hossein Nasr, Carter Heyward, Katie Cannon, and Marcia Falk.

Recently Participated in Programs

Some of the programs in which Religious Studies majors have recently participated:

East Asia

Japan: Japanese Studies - Waseda University (ACM) fall

Middle East

Israel: The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

South Asia

India: India Studies (ACM) - South India Term Abroad SITA Program (fall or spring) 

Sri Lanka: Intercollegiate Sri Lanka Education ISLE Program (fall)