This searchable database built using Omeka is intended to provide its users with visual, sonic, and written information about a broad sampling of acoustic musical instruments of both Western and non-Western origins found in the extensive holdings of Western and non-Western instruments at Grinnell College. Its primary audience is envisioned as students in undergraduate general education music courses (Western music history/appreciation classes, introductory ethnomusicology/’world music’ courses). This resource provides its users with supplemental information about many of the musical instruments or combinations of instruments (ensembles) that are mentioned but not illustrated or explicated in depth in the textbooks being used in introductory music courses. The site is also designed to encourage spontaneous exploration of the world of acoustic musical instruments.

During the period of 2012-2015 two Grinnell College Instructional Support Specialists, Stephanie Peterson and Mike Conner (the primary site developer), have collaborated with Roger Vetter to create this second edition of the Grinnell College Musical Instrument Collection website using Omeka software.

During the summer of 2015 Grinnell student Sara Ramey ’15 also contributed to the site’s design.

The content on this site was generated by Professor Roger Vetter, who was assisted by Grinnell students Gaelyn Hutchinson ’12 and Toby Austin ’14.

Photographs seen on this site are by Carla R. González, © 2001, and Roger Vetter. All of these images may not be reproduced in print under copyright law without prior written consent of Carla R. González Photography or Roger Vetter.

Screenshot from the Musical Instrument Collection website