The Center for the Humanities currently offers support for campus programming and faculty and staff research. Please consider us as you plan your next program or embark on your next project.

Small Grants for Domestic and International Collaboration

The center funds a small grant program to encourage and support collaboration between faculty and staff at Grinnell and colleagues from other institutions.

These grants will make it possible for Grinnell faculty and staff to bring collaborators from elsewhere for a handful of days at any stage in a shared project that is broadly humanistic in nature — it could be:

  • at the beginning to set up future work (that might be done remotely),
  • in the middle of a project to keep up momentum, or
  • at the end to make a final push.

The small grants program begins from the premise that sometimes in-person work is necessary for collaboration to succeed. In the spirit of the Humanities Center-as-incubator, the small grants are meant to support faculty and staff research. There is no expectation of a public talk or class visit.

The center will sponsor four projects per year involving faculty or staff from institutions located in the United States and is budgeting up to $1500 per visit for travel, lodging, food, and materials. Neither host nor visitor will receive a stipend.

The center is also partnering with the Institute for Global Engagement to support two projects involving international collaboration. These grants will provide up to $5000 in funding per visit for travel, lodging, food, and materials. For both domestic and international visits, the funders will prioritize new or relatively new collaborations, but will also consider projects that are further along.

Co-Sponsorship Funding

The Center for the Humanities is an important source for those seeking co-sponsorship in support of humanities related programming on campus.

We are especially interested in supporting student engagement components of campus visits, whether it be a classroom visit or workshop (or some variation thereof). We are also open to cosponsoring programming that provides opportunities for faculty to share research or to consider curricular questions in and around the humanities.