Inspiring and Preparing Students as Innovators and Leaders

Our Vision is that all graduates will apply their preparation in innovation and leadership to achieving lifelong professional success and service to the common good.

To realize our mission, Wilson supports and facilitates curricular and co-curricular programming that:

  • Develops Knowledge: enhances a critical understanding of the key traits of leadership and innovation and how success in these areas is affected by social & historical contexts.
  • Encourages Practice: creates opportunities both on and off-campus for students to develop and practice skills critical to leadership and innovation. 
  • Inspires Action: motivates students to embrace the challenges of innovation and leadership.
  • Promotes Reflection: assists students in recognizing their own aptitudes and interests for leadership and innovation.
  • Reveals Synergies: helps students to recognize the common traits between their liberal arts education and leadership and innovation.
  • Provides Mentorship and Modeling: introduces students to successful leaders and innovators, with particular attention to our own alumni.