Due date(s): 

This form is due by noon on Monday, September 8th. All volunteers must fill out this form.

ICIW background check form is due by noon on Tuesday, September 2. Other background check forms are due by noon on Monday, September 8th.

Contact person: 
Contact information: 
guenther@grinnell.edu ext. 4944
Please provide a number where we can reach you at short notice

You must attend the orientation at the institution where you wish to volunteer, even if you've already completed orientation at another institution. You cannot begin volunteering until after you've been through orientation. NOTE: The September 10 ICIW orientation is no longer available. Do not select tutoring at ICIW as an option unless you can go through the orientation on October 22.


Check every transportation option that applies to you.:

Shirt Size

We require all volunteers at NCF and ICIW (but not IJH) to wear red polo shirts. Please note your size, and guess larger if you’re guessing.

Volunteer Opportunities

Please rank up to five opportunities you are interested in, starting with 1 as the most preferred.

Designing and teaching a class. (ONLY AVAILABLE AT THE NEWTON CORRECTIONAL FACILITY.) These classes will meet once per week after fall break for five weeks (from the first week of November through the first week of December). Courses may be scheduled Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday evenings and Monday or Friday afternoons.
(Note: Math tutoring is already scheduled for Wednesdays from 6:15-7:30pm); please check this option only if you are available from 5:00-8:15 pm to travel and volunteer. Additionally, we will be holding interviews for math tutors at a TBD time.)
NOTE: This opportunity is not guaranteed. We will prioritize the applications of those who have returned their ICIW background check form by NOON on September 2, though it may be possible for some people to do this after fall break. For everyone, it is best to apply to other opportunities in addition to this one.
This will be on occasional Thursday evenings from 5:00-9:30 (including travel time). *This opportunity is only available to people who have taken, or are currently enrolled in, WRT 150: Teaching Writing with Janet Carl, and is not available to first-years.* If interested, in addition to filling out this application, please email Emily at guenther@grinnell.edu.
You can either become a campus driver or take a personal car and be reimbursed for gas.