The International Visiting Fellows program is designed to allow Grinnell faculty to bring scholars and artists from international locations to Grinnell, for a minimum stay of two weeks. Each International Visiting Fellow teaches a short course or course unit within an existing academic department. Fellows also give a public presentation during their stay on campus. This is an excellent way to complement a department’s curriculum and to introduce students to a scholar or artist who works outside the United States. International Visiting Fellows frequently state how much they enjoy discussion with Grinnell students and appreciate the opportunity to pursue scholarly writing in the tranquil environment of Grinnell’s campus.

Each International Visiting Fellow receives a college apartment, an office, and a Grinnell email account, and the Center sponsors at least one banquet to welcome the Fellow to campus. Fellows receive a generous stipend for each week of teaching.

To bring someone to campus as an International Visiting Fellow, fill out the application form. Typically, applications are reviewed by the Center’s Advisory Board a year in advance of the proposed visit.


International Visiting Fellows, 2012-13 

Fall, 2013 
Niraja Gopal Jayal, India 
Jean Garapon, France 
Thorsten Wagner, Denmark

Spring, 2014 
Galina Aksenova, Russia