Teaching Application for the Liberal Arts in Prison Program

PART ONE of the Teaching Application

Due date(s): 

Both parts of this application are due at noon on Monday, April 21st, 2014.

Part One will be completed online. 
Part Two of the application is due via email to 
Grinnellinprison[at]grinnell[dot]edu, also at noon on Monday, November 18th.
We will do our best to make decisions as soon as possible after receiving applications. All volunteers who are applying to teach must fill out both parts of the form.

You may collaboratively work on and submit part two with your co-teacher, but please fill out the online form (part one) separately.

Contact person: 
Contact information: 
guenther@grinnell.edu ext. 4944
Please provide a number where we can reach you at short notice
You must attend the orientation at the institution where you wish to volunteer, even if you've already completed orientation at another institution. You cannot begin volunteering until after you have been through orientation.
Check every transportation option that applies to you.:
Shirt Size
Classes at the prison occur in two sessions. The summer session can range from 4-8 weeks and will begin the 2nd week of June. The fall session (six weeks) will begin the week after school starts and go through midsems week. (This option is only available if you and your teaching partner have completed orientation before the start of the fall semester). Please note that we will be working on teaching schedules on an individual basis, so these dates may not be exact.
Individual Study