Conference 2014 Program

Conference 2014 Schedule

All events open to the public

Friday, February 28

4:15-5:45pm (two panels)

Structural Violence, Social Suffering, and Subjectivity  (JRC225)
(Faculty respondent: Maria Tapias, Anthropology)
Leah Lucas '14 (Grinnell) - "Brothers of the Street: The Stories Behind the Faces in Belem, Brazil"
Patrick Kinley '16 (Grinnell) - "Health at the Margins: Paul Farmer, Haiti, and the Transnational Disciplining of Bodies"
Liberty Britton ''14 (Grinnell) - "Nicaragua's Complete Abortion Ban: An Act of Feminicide and Crime Against Humanity"

Art, Popular Culture, and Legacies of Violence in Europe (JRC226)
(Faculty respondent: Jenny Anger, Art History)
Izzy Leo '14 (Grinnell)- "Battlefields and Soccer Fields: Violence and the Beautiful Game"
Anya Vanacek '14 and Mackenzie Shanahan '14 (Grinnell) - "Creating the Future: Arts and Youth Programming in Derry~Londonderry"
Rebecca Kulik '14 (Grinnell) - "Importance Recognized in Loss: the End of Everyday Life in The Bridge on the Drina, Underground, and Sarajevo: Tales From a City"

7:30-8:30pm  Conference Keynote (JRC101) Al Fuertes “Legacies of Unimaginable Violence: Healing and Recovery in the Philippines and Cambodia”

9:00-10:30pm Pub Quiz Night with Al Fuertes (Lyle’s)

Saturday, March 1

8:30-10:00 am (one panel)

Interrogating Social Policies and Inequalities (JRC225)
(Faculty respondent: Doug Hess, Policy Studies)
Lisa Eshun-Wilson '14 (Grinnell) - "Alleviating Child Food Insecurity in Iowa by Expanding the School Breakfast Program"
Lydia Mills '14 (Grinnell) - "Southeast Alaska Resource Management"
Luke Albrecht (Knox) - "Uruguay's Drug Policy Reform: The Cutting Edge of Alternative Policy"

10:15-11:45am (two panels)

Political Economy of Violence in International Contexts (JRC225)
(Faculty respondent: Irene Powell, Economics)
Chrissy Swartz '14 (Grinnell) – “Conflicting Conceptions of Justice: A Game Theoretic Approach to Modeling the Northern Ireland Troubles”
Kevin Kim (Notre Dame) – “The Economic Effect of Oil Production on the Manufacturing Industry in Ghana”
June Ban (Macalester) – “In the Pursuit of Justice in Aid Giving: A Comparative Analysis of the US and the UK's Aid Performance Under the Paris Declaration”

Engaging Policy, Practice, and State Armed Conflict (10:15-11:45am) (JRC226)
(Faculty respondent: Wayne Moyer, Political Science)
Basil Farraj (Earlham) - "Searching for Radical Transformations Through the Hegemonic Discourse of Human Rights: The Case of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement"
Kim Spasaro ‘14 (Grinnell) - "Debating Peace: Fostering Peace Through Youth Debate in Post-Genocide Rwanda" 
Peter Mosher '14 (Grinnell) - "American Policy Goals for Japanese Postwar Reconstruction and the Shaping of Modern Japanese Society"

11:45 – 12:45pm (JRC101)

Lunch, Invited Alumni Address
Claire Branigan ’11 “Victimization and Structural Violence in US Immigration Law”

12:50-1:15pm Conference Journal Information Session

1:30-3:00pm (two panels)

Constituting Agents and Spaces of Mass Violence (JRC225)
(Faculty respondent: Johanna Meehan, Philosophy)
Leslie Massicotte '14 (Earlham) - "Naming the M23 Rebel and How it Affects Policy Approaches in the Democratic Republic of the Congo"
Jillian Neuberger (Macalester) - "Memorial and the Macabre: Conflict Resolution In Memorial Space"
Sam Dunnington '16 (Grinnell) - "Bassem Youssef and the Role of Satire in Egypt's Current Political Environment"

Gendering Discourse and Embodied Violence (JRC226)
(Faculty respondent: Brigittine French, Anthropology)
Charlotte Hechler ’14 (Grinnell) - “Sexual Harassment and Power in Post-Mubarak Cairo”
Anna Banker ’15 (Grinnell) - “Women on the Border: Bodies, Violence, and Instability”

3:15-4:45pm (two panels)

The Limits and Possibilities of Legal Rights (JRC225)
(Faculty respondent: Maura Strassberg, Drake Law School)
Sam Mulopulos '13.5 (Grinnell) - "An Impossible Partnership? Uniting Originalist Jurisprudence and Same-sex Marriage"
Andrea Semlow '16 (Grinnell) - "Water is Life: The Black Mesa Peabody Controversy"
Elena Gartner '14 (Grinnell) - "State or Indigenous Justice? Local Feminism in the Margins of the Ecuadorian State"

Inside/Outside Media and Conflict in the Middle East (JRC226)
(Faculty respondent:  Kathy Kamp, Anthropology)
Lucy Marcus '14 (Grinnell)  - "300 Lollipops: Mainstream Media Coverage of the Gaza Flotilla Raid"
Amanda Nooter '14 (Grinnell)  - "American Media Coverage of Proposed 'Gay Tests' in Gulf States"
Sami Rebein '14 (Grinnell) - "(Un)Covering the Truth: Declassified CIA Documents and the 1953 Iranian Coup"

Call for Papers

The Grinnell College Peace Studies Program is seeking undergraduate student paper submissions addressing issues of peace and conflict from the sciences, social sciences, and humanities for the Grinnell Peace Studies Student Conference February 28 - March 1, 2014.

After receiving paper abstracts, Peace Studies will decide which papers will be accepted and organize papers into themed panels. Students will receive word of acceptance, which panel they are on, and names of fellow panel presenters and their papers by mid-January. Final papers are due February 7, 2012. At that time, faculty respondents for each of the panels will receive copies of the papers for the panel they will be leading. Presentations will be limited to 15 minutes for each paper. Panel sessions will allow time for a short faculty introduction, presentations of three or four papers, followed by discussion, including questions from the faculty respondent.

Deadlines and Submission Information

250 word (max) abstract due December 20, 2013

Acceptance and panel assignment sent no later than January 15, 2014

3000 word (max) final paper due February 7, 2014

  • Submissions will be accepted online at Abstracts can be copied and pasted into the submission form.
  • Please put your name, email address, school, and title of your paper on a cover page for your paper. Paper document titles should start with your last name, and be in Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, or RTF format.  URL addresses within your paper should be active hyperlinks and ready to click. Illustrations and figures should be placed within the text at the appropriate places, rather than all at the end.
  • Submissions from undergraduates attending any institution are welcome.
  • There is no registration fee. Peace Studies is not able to cover travel or off-campus lodging costs. However, Peace Studies can arrange for student presenters from off campus to stay with Grinnell students. We can arrange for a limited number of off campus faculty to stay at campus guesthouses. A dinner and lunch will be provided for all participants.

Contact Val Vetter with questions vetterv[at]grinnell[dot]edu. Email subject lines should include “Peace Studies Conference.”

See the 2012 Conference Program and the 2010 Conference Program for past submissions.

Suggested topics include but are not limited to:

  • Environmental conflict
  • The role of social media in effecting change
  • Interfaith dialogue
  • International conflicts
  • Education and peacemaking
  • Economic development and peacebuilding
  • Language, power and conflict
  • The arts and peacebuilding
  • Trauma healing and the arts
  • Trauma and identity
  • Mediation
  • Restorative justice
  • Peace vs. justice
  • Peace, conflict and human rights
  • Feminist perspectives on peacebuilding
  • Truth and reconciliation commissions
  • Transitional justice initiatives
  • Peace psychology
  • Ethnic conflict
  • Culture and violence
  • Bioethics
  • Human trafficking and human rights
  • Alternatives to violence
  • Community building
  • Nonviolent regime change