Upcoming Events

September 30

12:00 pm  Information Session:   Spring Break 2015 Human Rights and International Relations Tour
Jesse Macy House Conference Room – 1205 Park Street

October 2
4:15 pm  Information Session:   Spring Break 2015 Human Rights and International Relations Tour
Jesse Macy House Conference Room – 1205 Park Street

October 4
Malcom London

Week  of October 6
Grinnell Prize Symposium

October 7
4:15 pm  Grinnell Prize Awards Ceremony
KEYNOTE SPEAKER:  Charlayne Hunter-Gault, award-winning journalist, "My Sixties: Reflections on Coming of Age in the "Miracle Decade " & Enduring Lessons"
Herrick Chapel

5:30 pm  Reception & Book Signing – Charlayne Hunter-Gault
Jesse Macy House


October 8
12:00 pm  Grinnell Prize Roundtable Luncheon (open to the public)  JRC 101

6:30 pm  Grinnell Prize Buffet Dinner   JRC 101

7:30 pm  Ani Vallabhaneni, Co-Founder, Sanergy;  Lindsay Stradley, Co-Founder, Sanergy
"Achieving Social Justice through Building Healthy, Prosperous Communities"   JRC 101


October 9
4:15 pm  Kiahn Williams, Co-founder and Director, SIRUM; Adam Kircher, Co-founder and Director, SIRUM.  “The Five Billion Dollar Problem"   JRC 101

5:30 pm  Reception 2nd floor JRC

October 13
7:30 pm   Justine Burns, economist- University of Cape Town, “Using Behavioral Economics for Government Policy in South Africa”   JRC 101

October 15
4:15 pm  World Food Prize Lecture: Dr. Mark McLellan, Vice President for Research and Dean of the School of Graduate Studies, Utah State University
"A Social Contract -- Food:  Past, Present, and Future"   JRC 101

November 7
7:30 p.m.   Jonathan Kozol (author of Shame of the Nation)
Lecture and Book Signing
(co-sponsored by DAR, the Education Department, Grinnell Careers in Education Professions, the Rosenfield Program, and the President’s Office)

November 11
4:15 pm  Chris Parker
JRC 101

January 20 - Martin Luther King Day
Ta-Nehisi Coates, senior editor, The Atlantic
JRC 101

February 3 - 5
Symposium:  Chicago

March 23 - 28
Spring Break 2015 Human Rights and International Relations New York Tour

April 27
Ivo Juurvee, Estonian historian

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Counterinsurgency and the Future of Afghanistan
What Time is it?: An Afternoon with Civil Rights Pioneer Grace Lee Boggs
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The Media: Changes and Challenges
Morris Dees, 2011 Young Innovator for Social Justice Prize Symposium keynote
The Business of Human Trafficking
The Truth About Domestic Sex Trafficking and How it Affects You
Human Trafficking: Jose Moya, A Historical and Global Perspective
Human Trafficking Panel Discussion
Martin Luther King, Jr. and the "Beloved Campus"