ASP Application Deadlines

Fall Semester: Aug. 1

Spring Semester: Jan. 1

Important! ASP applications may be due earlier at area high schools. Check with your high school for internal deadlines.

The Advanced Scholars Program (ASP) enables outstanding secondary school students to study at Grinnell College while completing their secondary education requirements. It is designed for those who have exhausted the course opportunities in the curriculum of Grinnell High School (and other area high schools on a case-by-case basis) in certain subjects.

This program is consistent with the Iowa Post-Secondary Enrollment Options Act.

Your acceptance into the ASP does not guarantee you a place in all requested courses. 

To be eligible for the program:

  1. You must be academically superior and prepared for the intellectual rigors of study at Grinnell College. For example, the average first-year student at the College graduated in the top 10 percent of her/his secondary school class and scored well on the SAT (1350 median) and ACT (30 median).
  2. Normally you must have taken all secondary school courses directly relevant to the subject area to be studied at the College.
  3. You will have no cost to you except studio art supplies and private music lessons. 
  4. Grinnell College grants you credit for each course you complete. These credits will apply toward your Grinnell College degree if you are later admitted and attend Grinnell College as a degree candidate. 

To apply for the program, please send: 

  1. A completed Grinnell College ASP Application for Admission.
  2. A counselor recommendation (the Secondary School Report Form in the Application for Admission).
  3. An official secondary school transcript.
  4. Official SAT, ACT, or PSAT/PLAN scores. Copies of score reports on official secondary school transcript are acceptable. 
  5. The required application fee of $30. Applicants for whom this fee is a financial hardship can receive an application fee waiver. 
  6. Completed Advanced Scholars Program Application Form.