Empowerment and Support

Use your voice to effect change on campus and in the community with the support of faculty, staff, and peers.

Student Empowerment…

You’ve already learned to see yourself as an informed citizen – you consider how your actions affect your community, the nation, and the world. And at Grinnell, we see you as an adult, fully capable of holding yourself and others accountable.

That’s why we’ve long maintained a philosophy of self-governance for our campus community. You’ll actively shape campus policies and govern campus culture, from residence life and admission to culture and events. That means you’re accountable to your fellow students for making the community vibrant, safe, diverse, challenging, and respectful.
As a Grinnellian, you quickly learn that your actions and those of your peers carry far-reaching effects.

…with a Safety Net

Self-governance doesn’t mean you’re on your own here. No matter how large or small your challenge, you can always call on compassionate, highly trained staff and faculty members for advice and support. And students informally mentor each other too.