Assistant to the Department Chair

Job Description: The Assistant to the Department Chair provides support services to the department by working closely with the Department Chair. Duties may include filing, editing, and copying department documents, and general office procedures. Minimum of 3 hrs/week flex time.

Preferred Skills/Attributes: Superior organizational, communication, proofreading, and writing skills; attention to detail; adherence to confidentiality/security policies; familiarity with Microsoft Office on Mac OS X and Windows platforms; ability to work independently without much direct supervision; First Aid and Adult CPR certification (provided by the department upon hiring).

Preferred Experience in the Department: Some experience working with department faculty and staff members (in coursework and/or productions).

Availability: This position is a two-year position, available in alternating years only. The successful candidate must apply with second-year (sophomore) standing and must be studying on campus (not abroad) for his or her junior and senior years in their entirety. Must be able to arrive on campus the weekend before registration. Some vacation and/or summer work may be assigned (can be completed from off campus).