House Manager

Job Description: The House Manager is responsible for coordinating all Front-Of-House (FOH) operations in the Theatre Department. Specific responsibilities include: coordinating usher sign-ups from acting classes; training and supervising ushers; communicating with stage managers during and in advance of performances; and ensuring the safety of all patrons at Theatre Department performances. The House Manager also works as a Box Office staff member. Minimum of 5-6 hrs/week scheduled/flex time during production weeks and/or when the Box Office is open.

Preferred Skills/Attributes: Experience in dealing with the public of all ages; sensitivity to the needs of patrons; upbeat, enthusiastic attitude in public relations; ability to enforce department safety regulations and communicate the same to the public; attention to detail; ability to work independently without much direct supervision; First Aid and Adult CPR certification (provided by the department upon hiring).

Preferred Experience in the Department: At least one (1) year as a Box Office staff member; some experience working with department faculty and staff members (in coursework and/or productions).

Availability: The position of House Manager is a one-semester or one-year position, extendable for a second year upon successful reapplication. This position is open to students who have completed at least one year at Grinnell College. The student in this position may study abroad and then return to the position afterward (upon successful reapplication). Extended nighttime and weekend hours required.