Each Global Development Studies concentrator is required to complete at least one internship or independent study. Most students either participate in an off-campus study program that includes an internship or complete a graded summer internship program that works in coordination with the Career Development Office. Many students set up their own internships they learn about through off-campus studies or other students. The Career Development Office also has databases of sites at which students have done internships in the past. Some students choose programs that, for a charge, work to set students up in an internship, and often includes a homestay.

Interested students must schedule a preliminary meeting with the Career Development Office to indicate an interest, find out about deadlines, and hear about funding options in the first week or two of the spring semester.  To receive Global Development Studies credit, the internship must be for credit and graded. Students applying for academic credit need to complete a Universal Internship Application, available through the CDO. 2 credits are waived if you receive college funding; if not, you need to pay for each credit. 

Each year during family weekend, students who have completed an internship for the concentration in the prior year present their experiences in a poster session. Presentations from past years can be viewed in the Global Development Resources Organization in PioneerWeb.