Production Assistant/Bookkeeper

Job Description: The Production Assistant/Bookkeeper works closely with the Technical Director to maintain the financial records of the department. The student in this position also performs other miscellaneous tasks at the direction of the Technical Director, including sorting and filing production slides and optional videotaping of performances. Minimum of 1-2 hrs/week flex time.

Preferred Skills/Attributes: Some experience in budgeting or financial records management; attention to detail; adherence to confidentiality policies in dealing with financial records; familiarity with Microsoft Excel on Mac OS X; ability to work independently without much direct supervision; First Aid and Adult CPR certification (provided by the department upon hiring).

Preferred Experience in the Department: Some experience working with department faculty and staff members (in coursework and/or productions).

Availability: This position is a one-semester or one-year position, extendable for a second year upon successful reapplication. It is open to students who have completed at least one semester at Grinnell College. The student in this position may study abroad and then return to the position afterward (upon successful reapplication).